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  • روز شد بیدار شد آن کاروان  ** دید رفته رخت و سیم و اشتران 
  • (When) it was day, the caravaneers awoke: they saw that stock and money and camels were gone.
  • پس بدو گفتند ای حارس بگو  ** که چه شد این رخت و این اسباب کو 
  • Then they said to him, “O watchman, tell (us) what has happened. Where are this stock and these goods?”
  • گفت دزدان آمدند اندر نقاب  ** رختها بردند از پیشم شتاب  545
  • He replied, “The robbers came unexpectedly, and hastily carried off the stock from before me.”
  • قوم گفتندش که ای چو تل ریگ  ** پس چه می‌کردی کیی ای مردریگ 
  • The party (of merchants) said to him, “O man (weak) as a sandhill, what were you doing, then? Who are you, O recreant?”
  • گفت من یک کس بدم ایشان گروه  ** با سلاح و با شجاعت با شکوه 
  • “I was (only one,” said he, “and they were a band, armed and brave and formidable.”
  • گفت اگر در جنگ کم بودت امید  ** نعره‌ای زن کای کریمان برجهید 
  • He (the spokesman of the merchants) said, “If you had no hope (of overcoming them) in battle, (why didn't you) shout, ‘Gentlemen, spring up (from your beds)?’”
  • گفت آن دم کارد بنمودند و تیغ  ** که خمش ورنه کشیمت بی‌دریغ 
  • He replied, “At that moment they produced knives and swords, crying, ‘Silence! or we will kill you ruthlessly.’
  • آن زمان از ترس بستم من دهان  ** این زمان هیهای و فریاد و فغان  550
  • At that time I shut my mouth in terror; at this time (I can utter) screams and calls for help and cries of distress.
  • آن زمان بست آن دمم که دم زنم  ** این زمان چندانک خواهی هی کنم 
  • At that time my breath was stopped from breathing a word: at this time I will scream as much as you please.”
  • چونک عمرت برد دیو فاضحه  ** بی‌نمک باشد اعوذ و فاتحه 
  • After the Devil who exposes (sinners) to disgrace has carried off your life, it is foolish (to cry) “I take refuge (with God)” and (to recite) the Fátiha;