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  • We have related in the (foregoing) story the kindness shown by the King to that needy one who had no refuge.
  • در حکایت گفته‌‌ایم احسان شاه ** در حق آن بی‌‌نوای بی‌‌پناه‌‌
  • Whatsoever the man in love (with God) speaks, the scent of Love is springing from his mouth into the abode of Love. 2880
  • هر چه گوید مرد عاشق بوی عشق ** از دهانش می‌‌جهد در کوی عشق‌‌
  • If he speak (formal) theology, it all turns to (spiritual) poverty: the scent of poverty comes from that man of sweet and beguiling discourse.
  • گر بگوید فقه فقر آید همه ** بوی فقر آید از آن خوش دمدمه‌‌
  • And if he speak infidelity, it has the scent of (the true) religion, and if he speak doubtfully, his doubt turns to certainty.
  • ور بگوید کفر دارد بوی دین ** ور به شک گوید شکش گردد یقین‌‌
  • The perverse froth that has risen from a sea of sincerity— that branch (derivative) has been adorned by the pure root (source).
  • کف کژ کز بحر صدقی خاسته است ** اصل صاف آن فرع را آراسته است‌‌
  • Know that its froth is pure and worthy: know that it is like revilement from the lips of the beloved,
  • آن کفش را صافی و محقوق دان ** همچو دشنام لب معشوق دان‌‌
  • Whose unsought reproaches have become sweet (to the lover) for the sake of her cheek which he desires. 2885
  • گشته آن دشنام نامطلوب او ** خوش ز بهر عارض محبوب او
  • If he (the lover of God) speak falsehood, it seems (like) the truth. O (fine) falsehood that would adorn (even) the truth!
  • گر بگوید کژ نماید راستی ** ای کژی که راست را آراستی‌‌
  • If you cook (a confection) of sugar in the form of a loaf of bread, it will taste of candy, not of bread, while you are sucking it.
  • از شکر گر شکل نانی می‌‌پزی ** طعم قند آید نه نان چون می‌‌مزی‌‌
  • If a true believer find a golden idol, how should he leave it (there) for the sake of every idolator?
  • ور بیابد مومنی زرین وثن ** کی هلد آن را برای هر شمن‌‌