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  • In olden time there was a king to whom belonged the power temporal and also the power spiritual.
  • بود شاهی در زمانی پیش از این ** ملک دنیا بودش و هم ملک دین‌‌
  • It chanced that one day he rode with his courtiers to the chase.
  • اتفاقا شاه روزی شد سوار ** با خواص خویش از بهر شکار
  • On the king's highway the king espied a handmaiden: the king was enthralled by her.
  • یک کنیزک دید شه بر شاه راه ** شد غلام آن کنیزک جان شاه‌‌
  • Forasmuch as the bird, his soul, was fluttering in its cage, he gave money and bought the handmaiden.
  • مرغ جانش در قفس چون می‌‌طپید ** داد مال و آن کنیزک را خرید
  • After he had bought her and won to his desire, by Divine destiny she sickened. 40
  • چون خرید او را و برخوردار شد ** آن کنیزک از قضا بیمار شد
  • A certain man had an ass but no pack-saddle: (as soon as) he got a saddle, the wolf carried away his ass.
  • آن یکی خر داشت، پالانش نبود ** یافت پالان گرگ خر را در ربود
  • He had a pitcher, but no water could be obtained: when he found water, the pitcher broke.
  • کوزه بودش آب می‌‌نامد به دست ** آب را چون یافت خود کوزه شکست‌‌
  • The king gathered the physicians together from left and right and said to them, “The life of us both is in your hands.
  • شه طبیبان جمع کرد از چپ و راست ** گفت جان هر دو در دست شماست‌‌
  • My life is of no account, (but) she is the life of my life. I am in pain and wounded: she is my remedy.
  • جان من سهل است جان جانم اوست ** دردمند و خسته‌‌ام درمانم اوست‌‌
  • Whoever heals her that is my life will bear away with him my treasure and pearls, large and small.” 45
  • هر که درمان کرد مر جان مرا ** برد گنج و در و مرجان مرا