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  • From moment to moment we are caught in a fresh snare, though we become, each one, (like) a falcon or a Símurgh. 375
  • دم‌‌به‌‌دم ما بسته‌‌ی دام نویم ** هر یکی گر باز و سیمرغی شویم‌‌
  • Every moment Thou art delivering us, and again we are going to a snare, O Thou who art without want!
  • می‌‌رهانی هر دمی ما را و باز ** سوی دامی می‌‌رویم ای بی‌‌نیاز
  • We are putting corn in this barn, (and then) we are losing the corn that has been garnered.
  • ما در این انبار گندم می‌‌کنیم ** گندم جمع آمده گم می‌‌کنیم‌‌
  • (Why), after all, do not we consider with intelligent mind that this damage to the corn arises from the deceitfulness of the mouse?
  • می‌‌نیندیشیم آخر ما به هوش ** کین خلل در گندم است از مکر موش‌‌
  • Since the mouse has made a hole in our barn, and our barn has been ravaged by its guile,
  • موش تا انبار ما حفره زده ست ** وز فنش انبار ما ویران شده ست‌‌
  • O soul, in the first place avert the mischief of the mouse, and then show fervour (zeal) in garnering the corn. 380
  • اول ای جان دفع شر موش کن ** وانگهان در جمع گندم جوش کن‌‌
  • Hear (one) of the sayings related from the Chiefest of the Chief (the Prophet): “No prayer is complete without ‘presence’ (concentration of the mind on God).”
  • بشنو از اخبار آن صدر الصدور ** لا صلاة تم الا بالحضور
  • If there is no thievish mouse in our barn, where is the corn of forty years' works (of devotion)?
  • گر نه موشی دزد در انبار ماست ** گندم اعمال چل ساله کجاست‌‌
  • Why is the daily sincerity (of our devotions) not being stored, bit by bit, in this barn of ours?
  • ریزه ریزه صدق هر روزه چرا ** جمع می‌‌ناید در این انبار ما
  • Many a star (spark) of fire shot forth from the iron (of good works), and that burning heart received (it) and drew (it) in;
  • بس ستاره‌‌ی آتش از آهن جهید ** و ان دل سوزیده پذرفت و کشید