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  • As (for example) the green thistles which a camel eats, and gains from eating them a hundred benefits and pleasures:
  • همچو خار سبز کاشتر می‌‌خورد ** ز ان خورش صد نفع و لذت می‌‌برد
  • When the camel from the desert eats those same thistles, after their greenness is gone and they have become dry, 3995
  • چون که آن سبزیش رفت و خشک گشت ** چون همان را می‌‌خورد اشتر ز دشت‌‌
  • They rend his palate and cheek— oh, alas that such a well-nourished rose became a sword!
  • می‌‌دراند کام و لنجش ای دریغ ** کان چنان ورد مربی گشت تیغ‌‌
  • When the bread was spirit, it was (like) the green thistles; since it became form, it is now dry and gross.
  • نان چو معنی بود بود آن خار سبز ** چون که صورت شد کنون خشک است و گبز
  • According as thou hadst formerly been in the habit of eating it, O gracious being,
  • تو بدان عادت که او را پیش از این ** خورده بودی ای وجود نازنین
  • In the same hope thou (still) are eating this dry stuff, after the spirit has become mingled with clay.
  • بر همان بو می‌‌خوری این خشک را ** بعد از آن کامیخت معنی با ثری‌‌
  • It has become mixed with earth and dry and flesh-cutting: abstain now from that herbage, O camel! 4000
  • گشت خاک آمیز و خشک و گوشت بر ** ز آن گیاه اکنون بپرهیز ای شتر
  • The words are coming (forth) very earth-soiled; the water has become turbid: stop up the mouth of the well,
  • سخت خاک آلود می‌‌آید سخن ** آب تیره شد سر چه بند کن‌‌
  • That God may again make it pure and sweet, that He who made it turbid may likewise make it pure.
  • تا خدایش باز صاف و خوش کند ** او که تیره کرد هم صافش کند
  • Patience brings the object of desire, not Haste. Have patience—and God knoweth best what is right.
  • صبر آرد آرزو را نه شتاب ** صبر کن و الله اعلم بالصواب‌‌