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  • The more cures and remedies they applied, the more did the illness increase, and the need was not fulfilled.
  • هر چه کردند از علاج و از دوا ** گشت رنج افزون و حاجت ناروا
  • The sick girl became (thin) as a hair, (while) the eyes of the king flowed with tears of blood, like a river.
  • آن کنیزک از مرض چون موی شد ** چشم شه از اشک خون چون جوی شد
  • By Divine destiny, oxymel increased the bile, and oil of almonds was producing dryness.
  • از قضا سرکنگبین صفرا فزود ** روغن بادام خشکی می‌‌نمود
  • From (giving) myrobalan constipation resulted, relaxation ceased; and water fed the flames, like naphtha.
  • از هلیله قبض شد اطلاق رفت ** آب آتش را مدد شد همچو نفت‌‌
  • How it became manifest that the physicians were unable to cure the handmaiden, and how the king turned his face towards God and dreamed of a holy man.
  • ظاهر شدن عجز حکیمان از معالجه‌‌ی کنیزک و روی آوردن پادشاه به درگاه خدا و در خواب دیدن او ولی را
  • When the king saw the powerlessness of those physicians, he ran bare-footed to the mosque. 55
  • شه چو عجز آن حکیمان را بدید ** پا برهنه جانب مسجد دوید
  • He entered the mosque and advanced to the mihráb (to pray): the prayer-carpet was bathed in the king's tears.
  • رفت در مسجد سوی محراب شد ** سجده گاه از اشک شه پر آب شد
  • On coming to himself out of the flood of ecstasy (faná) he opened his lips in goodly praise and prayer,
  • چون به خویش آمد ز غرقاب فنا ** خوش زبان بگشاد در مدح و ثنا
  • Saying, “O Thou whose least gift is the empire of the world, what shall I say, in as much as Thou knowest the hidden thing?
  • کای کمینه بخششت ملک جهان ** من چه گویم چون تو می‌‌دانی نهان‌‌
  • O Thou with whom we always take refuge in our need, once again we have missed the way.
  • ای همیشه حاجت ما را پناه ** بار دیگر ما غلط کردیم راه‌‌
  • But Thou hast said, ‘Albeit I know thy secret, nevertheless declare it forthwith in thine outward act.’” 60
  • لیک گفتی گر چه می‌‌دانم سرت ** زود هم پیدا کنش بر ظاهرت‌‌