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  • Double your compassion for (these) two blindnesses: make room (in your hearts) for one who gets so little room.”
  • بر دو کوری رحم را دوتا کنید ** این چنین ناگنج را گنجا کنید
  • The ugliness of (his) voice was diminished by this plaint: the people became of one mind in (showing) compassion for him. 2000
  • زشتی آواز کم شد زین گله ** خلق شد بر وی به رحمت یک دله‏
  • When he had told the secret (and explained his meaning), his voice was made beautiful by the graciousness of the voice of his heart;
  • کرد نیکو چون بگفت او راز را ** لطف آواز دلش آواز را
  • But that one whose heart's voice also is bad—(for him) those three blindnesses are banishment everlasting (from the favour of God);
  • و انکه آواز دلش هم بد بود ** آن سه کوری دوری سرمد بود
  • Yet it may be that the bounteous (saints), who give without cause, will lay a hand (of blessing) upon his ugly head.
  • لیک وهابان که بی‏علت دهند ** بو که دستی بر سر زشتش نهند
  • Since his (the blind beggar's) voice became sweet and pitiable, the hearts of the stony-hearted were made (soft) as wax thereby.
  • چون که آوازش خوش و مظلوم شد ** زو دل سنگین دلان چون موم شد
  • Inasmuch as the infidel's lament is ugly and (like) braying, for that (reason) it meets with no (favourable) response. 2005
  • ناله‏ی کافر چو زشت است و شهیق ** ز آن نمی‏گردد اجابت را رفیق‏
  • “Be silent” has come down (has been revealed in the Qur’án) against the ugly-voiced (infidel), for he was drunken with the people's blood, like a dog.
  • اخسؤا بر زشت آواز آمده ست ** کاو ز خون خلق چون سگ بود مست‏
  • Inasmuch as the lament of the bear attracts compassion, (while) your lament is not like this, (but) is unpleasing,
  • چون که ناله‏ی خرس رحمت کش بود ** ناله‏ات نبود چنین ناخوش بود
  • Know that you have behaved with wolfishness to (a) Joseph, or have drunk of the blood of an innocent.
  • دان که با یوسف تو گرگی کرده‏ای ** یا ز خون بی‏گناهی خورده‏ای‏