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  • Were I (still) possessed of understanding and of contingent (unreal) existence, I should be on the bench, (giving instruction) like the Shaykhs.”
  • من اگر با عقل و با امکانمی ** همچو شیخان بر سر دکانمی‏
  • How the inquirer, for the second time, drew that eminent (saint) into conversation, in order that his condition might be made better known (to the inquirer).
  • دوم بار در سخن کشیدن سایل آن بزرگ را تا حال او معلوم تر گردد
  • That seeker said, “O thou mounted on the cane, pray, ride thy horse this way for one moment.” 2400
  • گفت آن طالب که آخر یک نفس ** ای سواره بر نی این سو ران فرس‏
  • He rode towards him, crying, “Hark, say as quick as you can (what you want), for my horse is very restive and fierce-tempered.
  • راند سوی او که هین زوتر بگو ** کاسب من بس توسن است و تند خو
  • Be quick, lest he kick you: explain clearly what you are asking about.”
  • تا لگد بر تو نکوبد زود باش ** از چه می‏پرسی بیانش کن تو فاش‏
  • He (the inquirer) saw no opportunity to tell his heart's secret: he at once made an evasion and drew him into jesting talk.
  • او مجال راز دل گفتن ندید ** زو برون شو کرد و در لاغش کشید
  • He said, “I wish to marry a woman in this street: who is suitable for one like me?”
  • گفت می‏خواهم در این کوچه زنی ** کیست لایق از برای چون منی‏
  • “There are three kinds of women in the world,” said he: “two of those are a sorrow, and one is the soul's treasure. 2405
  • گفت سه گونه زن‏اند اندر جهان ** آن دو رنج و این یکی گنج روان‏
  • The first, when you marry her, is wholly yours; and the second is half yours and half separate (from you);
  • آن یکی را چون بخواهی کل تراست ** و آن دگر نیمی ترا نیمی جداست‏
  • And the third, know she is not yours at all. You have heard this. Away (with you)!—I start in a trice—
  • و آن سوم هیچ او ترا نبود بدان ** این شنودی دور شو رفتم روان‏
  • Lest my horse let fly a kick at you, so that you fall and never rise up (again).”
  • تا ترا اسبم نپراند لگد ** که بیفتی بر نخیزی تا ابد