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  • When, because of feebleness, he cannot go his way, people say it is indigestion (arising) from gross (rich and heavy) food.”
  • از ضعیفی چون نتاند راه رفت ** خلق گوید تخمه است از لوت زفت‏
  • How Mu‘áwiya once more pressed Iblís hard.
  • باز الحاح کردن معاویه ابلیس را
  • He said, “Nothing but the truth will save you: justice is calling you to (speak) the truth. 2730
  • گفت غیر راستی نرهاندت ** داد سوی راستی می‏خواندت‏
  • Tell the truth, so that you may be delivered from my hand: cunning will not lay the dust of my war (will not induce me to leave you in peace).”
  • راست گو تا وارهی از چنگ من ** مکر ننشاند غبار جنگ من‏
  • He (Iblís) said, “How do you know (the difference between) falsehood and truth, O thinker of vain fancies, (you that are) filled with (idle) thoughts (about me)?”
  • گفت چون دانی دروغ و راست را ** ای خیال‏اندیش پر اندیشه‏ها
  • He answered, “The Prophet has given an indication: he has laid down the touchstone (criterion) for (distinguishing) the base coin and the good.
  • گفت پیغمبر نشانی داده است ** قلب و نیکو را محک بنهاده است‏
  • He has said, ‘Falsehood is (the cause of) disquiet in (men's) hearts’; he has said, ‘Truth is (the cause of) a joyous tranquillity.’
  • گفته است الکذب ریب فی القلوب ** گفت الصدق طمانین طروب‏
  • The (troubled) heart is not comforted by lying words: water and oil kindle no light. 2735
  • دل نیارامد ز گفتار دروغ ** آب و روغن هیچ نفروزد فروغ‏
  • (Only) in truthful speech is there comfort for the heart: truths are the bait that entraps the heart.
  • در حدیث راست آرام دل است ** راستیها دانه‏ی دام دل است‏
  • Sick, surely, and ill-savoured is the heart that knows not (cannot distinguish) the taste of this and that.
  • دل مگر رنجور باشد بد دهان ** که نداند چاشنی این و آن‏
  • When the heart becomes whole (is healed) of pain and disease, it will recognize the flavour of falsehood and truth.
  • چون شود از رنج و علت دل سلیم ** طعم کذب و راست را باشد علیم‏