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  • (If) you are not stepping on (briskly) towards that Garden, seek more scent, and get rid of (your) rheum,
  • بر نمی‏داری سوی آن باغ گام ** بوی افزون جوی و کن دفع زکام‏
  • In order that that scent may draw your soul (thither); in order that that scent may become the light of your eyes.
  • تا که آن بو جاذب جانت شود ** تا که آن بو نور چشمانت شود
  • For the scent's sake Joseph, son of Jacob the prophet, said: “Cast (my shirt) upon my father's face.”
  • گفت یوسف ابن یعقوب نبی ** بهر بو ألقوا علی وجه أبی‏
  • For this scent's sake Ahmad (Mohammed) constantly said in (his) exhortations: “In the ritual prayer is the delight of mine eye.” 3235
  • بهر این بو گفت احمد در عظات ** دایما قرة عینی فی الصلاة
  • The five (spiritual) senses are linked with one another, all these five have grown (are derived) from a sublime root (source).
  • پنج حس با همدگر پیوسته‏اند ** ز انکه این هر پنج از اصلی رسته‏اند
  • The strength of one becomes the strength of the rest: each one becomes a cupbearer to the rest.
  • قوت یک قوت باقی شود ** ما بقی را هر یکی ساقی شود
  • Seeing with the eye increases love; love increases penetration in the eye.
  • دیدن دیده فزاید عشق را ** عشق در دیده فزاید صدق را
  • Penetration (of sight) becomes the (means of) awakening (stimulating) every sense, (so that) perception (of the spiritual) becomes familiar to (all) the senses.
  • صدق بیداری هر حس می‏شود ** حسها را ذوق مونس می‏شود
  • The beginning of the gnostic's illumination by the Light which sees the invisible world.
  • آغاز منور شدن عارف به نور غیب بین‏
  • When one sense in (the course of its) progress has loosed (its) bonds, all the rest of the senses become changed. 3240
  • چون یکی حس در روش بگشاد بند ** ما بقی حسها همه مبدل شوند
  • When one sense has perceived things that are not objects of sense-perception, that which is of the invisible world becomes apparent to all the senses.
  • چون یکی حس غیر محسوسات دید ** گشت غیبی بر همه حسها پدید