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  • (Meanwhile) the falcon was rubbing its wings against the King's hand: without tongue it was saying, “I have sinned.”
  • باز می‏مالید پر بر دست شاه ** بی‏زبان می‏گفت من کردم گناه‏
  • Where then should the vile (sinner) plead piteously, where should he moan, if Thou wilt accept naught but good, O bountiful (King)? 335
  • پس کجا زارد کجا نالد لئیم ** گر تو نپذیری بجز نیک ای کریم‏
  • The King's grace makes the soul sin-seeking, because the King makes every foul thing fair.
  • لطف شه جان را جنایت جو کند ** ز آنکه شه هر زشت را نیکو کند
  • Go, do not commit foulness, for (even) our fair deeds appear foul in the sight of our beauteous (Loved One).
  • رو مکن زشتی که نیکیهای ما ** زشت آمد پیش آن زیبای ما
  • You deemed your service worthy: thereby you raised the banner of sin.
  • خدمت خود را سزا پنداشتی ** تو لوای جرم از آن افراشتی‏
  • Forasmuch as praise and prayer were vouchsafed to you, through making that prayer your heart became vainglorious.
  • چون ترا ذکر و دعا دستور شد ** ز آن دعاکردن دلت مغرور شد
  • You regarded yourself as speaking (confidentially) with God. Oh, (there is) many a one that becomes separated (from God) by this opinion. 340
  • هم سخن دیدی تو خود را با خدا ** ای بسا کاو زین گمان افتد جدا
  • Although the King sit with you on the ground, know yourself and sit better (with more decorum and reverence).
  • گر چه با تو شه نشیند بر زمین ** خویشتن بشناس و نیکوتر نشین‏
  • The falcon said, “O King, I am penitent, I am converted, I am embracing Islam anew.
  • باز گفت ای شه پشیمان می‏شوم ** توبه کردم نو مسلمان می‏شوم‏
  • He whom Thou makest drunken and pot-valiant—if from drunkenness he walk crookedly, do Thou accept his excuse.
  • آن که تو مستش کنی و شیر گیر ** گر ز مستی کج رود عذرش پذیر