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  • They whose hearts are (opened) wide (to receive spiritual truths) have wide (far-reaching) hands; they whose (spiritual) eyes are blind have to stumble on stony ground. 3640
  • دل فراخان را بود دست فراخ ** چشم کوران را عثار سنگ‏لاخ‏
  • On seeking the tree whereof none that eats  the fruit shall die.
  • جستن آن درخت که هر که میوه‏ی آن درخت خورد نمیرد
  • A learned man (once) said, for the sake of (telling) a story, “In India there is a certain tree:
  • گفت دانایی برای داستان ** که درختی هست در هندوستان‏
  • Whoso takes and eats of its fruit, he grows not old nor ever dies.”
  • هر کسی کز میوه‏ی او خورد و برد ** نه شود او پیر نه هرگز بمرد
  • A king heard this (tale) from a veracious person: he became a lover of the tree and its fruit.
  • پادشاهی این شنید از صادقی ** بر درخت و میوه‏اش شد عاشقی‏
  • From the Divan of culture he sent an intelligent envoy to India in search (of it).
  • قاصدی دانا ز دیوان ادب ** سوی هندستان روان کرد از طلب‏
  • For (many) years his envoy wandered about India in quest (of the tree). 3645
  • سالها می‏گشت آن قاصد از او ** گرد هندستان برای جستجو
  • He roamed from town to town for this object: neither island nor mountain nor plain was left (unvisited).
  • شهر شهر از بهر این مطلوب گشت ** نه جزیره ماند و نه کوه و نه دشت‏
  • Every one whom he asked made a mock of him, saying, “Who would search after this, unless perhaps a madman in confinement?”
  • هر که را پرسید کردش ریشخند ** کاین که جوید جز مگر مجنون بند
  • Many slapped him jocosely; many said, “O fortunate man,
  • بس کسان صفعش زدند اندر مزاح ** بس کسان گفتند ای صاحب فلاح‏
  • How should the enquiry of a clever and clear-minded person like you be devoid (of result)? How should it be vain?”
  • جستجوی چون تو زیرک سینه صاف ** کی تهی باشد کجا باشد گزاف‏