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  • If God create you with ugly features, take care lest you become both ugly-featured and ugly-natured;
  • گر ترا حق آفریند زشت رو ** هان مشو هم زشت رو هم زشت خو
  • And if He take away your shoes, do not go into stony ground; and if you have two spikes, don't become four-spiked.
  • ور برد کفشت مرو در سنگلاخ ** ور دو شاخ استت مشو تو چار شاخ‏
  • You are envious, saying, “I am inferior to so-and-so: he (by his superior position) is increasing my inferiority in fortune.”
  • تو حسودی کز فلان من کمترم ** می‏فزاید کمتری در اخترم‏
  • (But) indeed envy is another defect and fault; nay, it is worse than all inferiorities. 805
  • خود حسد نقصان و عیبی دیگر است ** بلکه از جمله کمیها بدتر است‏
  • That Devil (Satan), through the shame and disgrace of inferiority (to Adam), cast himself into a hundred damnations.
  • آن بلیس از ننگ و عار کمتری ** خویش را افکند در صد ابتری‏
  • Because of envy, he wished to be at the top. At the top, forsooth! Nay, (he wished) to be a blood-shedder.
  • از حسد می‏خواست تا بالا بود ** خود چه بالا بلکه خون‏پالا بود
  • Abú Jahl was put to shame by Mohammed, and because of envy was raising himself to the top.
  • آن ابو جهل از محمد ننگ داشت ** وز حسد خود را به بالا می‏فراشت‏
  • His name was Abu ’l-Hakam, and he became Abú Jahl: oh, many a worthy has become unworthy because of envy.
  • بو الحکم نامش بد و بو جهل شد ** ای بسا اهل از حسد نااهل شد
  • I have not seen in the world of search and seeking (trial and probation) any worthiness better than a good disposition. 810
  • من ندیدم در جهان جست و جو ** هیچ اهلیت به از خوی نکو
  • God made the prophets the medium (between Him and His creatures) in order that feelings of envy should be displayed in the agitation (produced by something that rankles in the mind).
  • انبیا را واسطه ز آن کرد حق ** تا پدید آید حسدها در قلق‏