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  • How many a time will the blows of their maces beat upon the head and rump of every vain gabbler!
  • چند کوبد زخمهای گرزشان ** بر سر هر ژاژخا و مرزشان
  • Look at the effect of the mace of ‘Azrá’íl, (even) if you do not see the wood and iron in (their material) forms.
  • گرز عزرائیل را بنگر اثر ** گر نبینی چوب و آهن در صور
  • Sometimes too they appear in (material) form: the patient (himself) is aware thereof.
  • هم بصورت می‌نماید گه گهی ** زان همان رنجور باشد آگهی
  • The patient says, “O my friends, what is this sword over my head?” 115
  • گوید آن رنجور ای یاران من ** چیست این شمشیر بر ساران من
  • (They reply), “We do not see it; this must be fancy.” What fancy is this? (Nay), for it is (the hour of) departure (to the other world).
  • ما نمی‌بینیم باشد این خیال ** چه خیالست این که این هست ارتحال
  • What fancy is this, from terror of which this inverted sphere (the sky) has now become (as insubstantial as) a phantom?
  • چه خیالست این که این چرخ نگون ** از نهیب این خیالی شد کنون
  • To the sick man the maces and swords became perceptible (visible), and his head dropped down.
  • گرزها و تیغها محسوس شد ** پیش بیمار و سرش منکوس شد
  • He sees that that (vision) is for his sake: the eye of foe and friend (alike) is barred from it.
  • او همی‌بیند که آن از بهر اوست ** چشم دشمن بسته زان و چشم دوست
  • Worldly greed vanished, his eye became keen: his eye became illumined at the moment of bloodshed (death). 120
  • حرص دنیا رفت و چشمش تیز شد ** چشم او روشن گه خون‌ریز شد
  • That eye of his, from the result of his pride and his anger, became (like) the cock that crows unseasonably.
  • مرغ بی‌هنگام شد آن چشم او ** از نتیجه‌ی کبر او و خشم او