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  • So that he became well-known and celebrated in the town as one who seeks (to obtain) cheese from an empty wallet.
  • تا که شد در شهر معروف و شهیر ** کو ز انبان تهی جوید پنیر
  • That beggar became a proverb for foolishness, (but) he would not desist from this petitioning.
  • شد مثل در خام‌طبعی آن گدا ** او ازین خواهش نمی‌آمد جدا
  • How a cow ran into the house of him that was praying importunately. The Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, has said, “God loves them that are importunate in prayer,” because the actual asking (of anything) from God most High and the importunity (itself) is better for the petitioner than the thing which he is asking of Him.
  • دویدن گاو در خانه‌ی آن دعا کننده بالحاح قال النبی صلی الله علیه وسلم ان الله یحب الملحین فی الدعا زیرا عین خواست از حق تعالی و الحاح خواهنده را به است از آنچ می‌خواهد آن را ازو
  • Until suddenly one day, (when) he was uttering this prayer with moaning and sighs at morningtide, 1485
  • تا که روزی ناگهان در چاشتگاه ** این دعا می‌کرد با زاری و آه
  • Suddenly a cow ran into his house; she butted with her horns and broke the bolt and key.
  • ناگهان در خانه‌اش گاوی دوید ** شاخ زد بشکست دربند و کلید
  • The bold cow jumped into the house; the man sprang forward and bound her legs.
  • گاو گستاخ اندر آن خانه بجست ** مرد در جست و قوایمهاش بست
  • Then he at once cut the throat of the cow without pause, without consideration, and without mercy.
  • پس گلوی گاو ببرید آن زمان ** بی توقف بی تامل بی امان
  • After he had cut off her head, he went to the butcher, in order that he might quickly rip off her hide forthwith.
  • چون سرش ببرید شد سوی قصاب ** تا اهابش بر کند در دم شتاب
  • The Poet's excusing himself and asking help.
  • عذر گفتن نظم کننده و مدد خواستن
  • O Thou that makest demands within (me), like the embryo— since Thou art making a demand, make easy 1490
  • ای تقاضاگر درون همچون جنین ** چون تقاضا می‌کنی اتمام این
  • The fulfilment of this (task), show the way, give aidance, or (else) relinquish the demand and do not lay (the burden) upon me!
  • سهل گردان ره نما توفیق ده ** یا تقاضا را بهل بر ما منه
  • Since Thou art demanding gold from an insolvent, give him gold in secret, O rich King!
  • چون ز مفلس زر تقاضا می‌کنی ** زر ببخشش در سر ای شاه غنی