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  • Since Thou art demanding gold from an insolvent, give him gold in secret, O rich King!
  • چون ز مفلس زر تقاضا می‌کنی ** زر ببخشش در سر ای شاه غنی
  • Without Thee, how should poesy and rhyme dare to come into sight at eve or morn?
  • بی تو نظم و قافیه شام و سحر ** زهره کی دارد که آید در نظر
  • Poesy and homonymy and rhymes, O Knowing One, are the slaves of Thy Command from fear and dread,
  • نظم و تجنیس و قوافی ای علیم ** بنده‌ی امر توند از ترس و بیم
  • Inasmuch as Thou hast made everything a glorifier (of Thee) —the undiscerning entity and the discerning (alike). 1495
  • چون مسبح کرده‌ای هر چیز را ** ذات بی تمییز و با تمییز را
  • Each glorifies (Thee) in a different fashion, and that one is unaware of the state of this one.
  • هر یکی تسبیح بر نوعی دگر ** گوید و از حال آن این بی‌خبر
  • Man disbelieves in the glorification uttered by inanimate things, but those inanimate things are masters in (performing) worship.
  • آدمی منکر ز تسبیح جماد ** و آن جماد اندر عبادت اوستاد
  • Nay, the two-and-seventy sects, every one, are unaware of (the real state of) each other and in a (great) doubt.
  • بلک هفتاد و دو ملت هر یکی ** بی‌خبر از یکدگر واندر شکی
  • Since two speakers have no knowledge of each other's state, how will (it) be (with) wall and door?
  • چون دو ناطق را ز حال همدگر ** نیست آگه چون بود دیوار و در
  • Since I am heedless of the glorification uttered by one who speaks, how should my heart know the glorification performed by that which is mute? 1500
  • چون من از تسبیح ناطق غافلم ** چون بداند سبحه‌ی صامت دلم
  • The Sunní is unaware of the Jabrí's (mode of) glorification; the Jabrí is unaffected by the Sunní's (mode of) glorification.
  • هست سنی را یکی تسبیح خاص ** هست جبری را ضد آن در مناص