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  • Every one has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that (work) has been put into his heart.
  • هر کسی را بهر کاری ساختند ** میل آن را در دلش انداختند
  • How should hand and foot be set in motion without desire? How should sticks and straws go (from their place) without any water or wind?
  • دست و پا بی میل جنبان کی شود ** خار وخس بی آب و بادی کی رود
  • If thou see (that) thy desire (is) towards Heaven, unfold the wings of empire, like the Humá; 1620
  • گر ببینی میل خود سوی سما ** پر دولت بر گشا همچون هما
  • But if thou see (that) thy desire (is) towards the earth, keep lamenting, cease not at all from moaning.
  • ور ببینی میل خود سوی زمین ** نوحه می‌کن هیچ منشین از حنین
  • The wise, indeed, make lamentations at first; the foolish beat their heads at the last.
  • عاقلان خود نوحه‌ها پیشین کنند ** جاهلان آخر بسر بر می‌زنند
  • From the beginning of the affair discern the end (thereof), so that thou mayst not be repenting on the Day of Judgement.
  • ز ابتدای کار آخر را ببین ** تا نباشی تو پشیمان یوم دین
  • How a goldsmith discerned the end of the affair and spoke in accordance with the end to one who wished to borrow his scales.
  • دیدن زرگر عاقبت کار را و سخن بر وفق عاقبت گفتن با مستعیر ترازو
  • A certain man came to a goldsmith, saying, “Give me the scales, that I may weigh some gold.”
  • آن یکی آمد به پیش زرگری ** که ترازو ده که بر سنجم زری
  • The master (goldsmith) said, “Go, I have no sieve.” “Give me the scales,” he replied, “and don't stop to jest like this.” 1625
  • گفت خواجه رو مرا غربال نیست ** گفت میزان ده برین تسخر مه‌ایست
  • He said, “I have no broom in the shop.” “Enough, enough!” cried the other; “leave these jokes.
  • گفت جاروبی ندارم در دکان ** گفت بس بس این مضاحک رابمان
  • Give (me) the scales which I am asking for; don't make yourself out to be deaf, don't jump in every direction.”
  • من ترازویی که می‌خواهم بده ** خویشتن را کر مکن هر سو مجه