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  • O company (of prophets), we are not (to be reckoned) among those stupid elephants who are terrified by the disturbance of the Moon.”
  • مانه زان پیلان گولیم ای گروه ** که اضطراب ماه آردمان شکوه
  • The prophets said, “Ah, (our) spiritual admonition has (only) made your (carnal) bondage more grievous, O ye fools!
  • انبیا گفتند آوه پند جان ** سخت‌تر کرد ای سفیهان بندتان
  • How the prophets answered their sneers and uttered parables unto them.
  • جواب گفتن انبیا طعن ایشان را و مثل زدن ایشان را
  • Oh, alas that in (the case of) your disease the remedy has become for you the poison of soul-wringing (Divine) vengeance.
  • ای دریغا که دوا در رنجتان ** گشت زهر قهر جان آهنجتان
  • This lamp (of spiritual admonition) has increased the darkness of that (diseased) eye, since God has set (over it) the veil of wrath. 2755
  • ظلمت افزود این چراغ آن چشم را ** چون خدا بگماشت پرده‌ی خشم را
  • What dominion shall we crave from you? for our dominion is greater than the sky.”
  • چه رئیسی جست خواهیم از شما ** که ریاستمان فزونست از سما
  • What glory should the sea of pearls acquire from the ship— especially a ship that has been filled with dung?
  • چه شرف یابد ز کشتی بحر در ** خاصه کشتیی ز سرگین گشته پر
  • Oh, alas for that eye blind and blear! Therein a sun seemed as (insignificant as) a mote.
  • ای دریغ آن دیده‌ی کور و کبود ** آفتابی اندرو ذره نمود
  • In an Adam who was without like or equal the eye of Iblís discerned naught but a piece of clay.
  • ز آدمی که بود بی مثل و ندید ** دیده ابلیس جز طینی ندید
  • The devilish eye showed (saw) his (Adam's) spring as winter: it moved in the direction where its (original) home was. 2760
  • چشم دیوانه بهارش دی نمود ** زان طرف جنبید کو را خانه بود
  • Oh, many a fortune that comes now and then to the unfortunate one, and he turns away (from it)!
  • ای بسا دولت که آید گاه گاه ** پیش بی‌دولت بگردد او ز راه