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  • Such a person's origin was from the heavens, or if he was of the earth, he has been transmuted,
  • این‌چنین کس اصلش از افلاک بود ** یا مبدل گشت گر از خاک بود
  • Because a creature of earth cannot endure that its (the Sun's) beams should strike upon it everlastingly.
  • زانک خاکی را نباشد تاب آن ** که زند بر وی شعاعش جاودان
  • If the radiance of the sun strike upon the earth continually, it will be burned in such wise that no fruits will come from it.
  • گر زند بر خاک دایم تاب خور ** آنچنان سوزد که ناید زو ثمر
  • The business of the fish is always in the water: how has a snake the power of accompanying it (the fish) on its way? 3595
  • دایم اندر آب کار ماهی است ** مار را با او کجا همراهی است
  • But in the mountain are artful snakes (who) perform the actions of fish in this Sea.
  • لیک در که مارهای پر فن‌اند ** اندرین یم ماهییها می‌کنند
  • Though their cunning make the people mad, still their aversion to the Sea exposes them (as hypocrites);
  • مکرشان گر خلق را شیدا کند ** هم ز دریا تاسه‌شان رسوا کند
  • And in this Sea are artful fish, (who) by magic turn snakes into fishes—
  • واندرین یم ماهیان پر فن‌اند ** مار را از سحر ماهی می‌کنند
  • The fish of the deepest depth of the Sea of (Divine) Majesty: the Sea has taught them lawful magic;
  • ماهیان قعر دریای جلال ** بحرشان آموخته سحر حلال
  • Therefore through their illumination the (thing that was) absurd became a fact: the ill-starred one went thither and became auspicious. 3600
  • بس محال از تاب ایشان حال شد ** نحس آنجا رفت و نیکوفال شد
  • Though I should speak on this topic till the Resurrection, a hundred Resurrections would pass, and this (discourse would still be) incomplete.
  • تا قیامت گر بگویم زین کلام ** صد قیامت بگذرد وین ناتمام
  • The rules to be observed by listeners and disciples at the emanation of wisdom from the tongue of the Shaykh.
  • آداب المستمعین والمریدین عند فیض الحکمة من لسان الشیخ