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  • If we do not keep watch for this, kill us, O thou to whose judgement (our) thoughts and intelligence are slaves.”
  • گر نداریم این نگه ما را بکش ** ای غلام رای تو افکار و هش
  • For nine months he was counting day after day, lest the arrow of the Decree that transfixes its enemy should fly (from the bow).
  • تا بنه مه می‌شمرد او روز روز ** تا نپرد تیر حکم خصم‌دوز
  • When (the world of) space makes an assault upon (the world of) non-spatiality, it falls headlong and drinks its own blood. 935
  • بر قضا هر کو شبیخون آورد ** سرنگون آید ز خون خود خورد
  • When the earth shows enmity to the sky, it becomes salty (barren) and presents a spectacle of death.
  • چون زمین با آسمان خصمی کند ** شوره گردد سر ز مرگی بر زند
  • (When) the picture (creature) struggles hand to hand with the Painter (Creator), it (only) tears out its own moustaches and beard.
  • نقش با نقاش پنجه می‌زند ** سبلتان و ریش خود بر می‌کند
  • How Pharaoh summoned the women who had new-born children to the maydán, (doing this) also for the sake of his plot (against Moses).
  • خواندن فرعون زنان نوزاده را سوی میدان هم جهت مکر
  • After nine months the King brought out his throne to the maydán and made a strict proclamation.
  • بعد نه مه شه برون آورد تخت ** سوی میدان و منادی کرد سخت
  • “O women, go with your babes to the maydán; go forth, all ye of Israel.
  • کای زنان با طفلکان میدان روید ** جمله اسرائیلیان بیرون شوید
  • Just as last year robes of honour were bestowed on the men, and every one of them bore away gold, 940
  • آنچنانک پار مردان را رسید ** خلعت و هر کس ازیشان زر کشید
  • Hark, O women, this year it is your fortune, so that each one (of you) may obtain the thing she desires.
  • هین زنان امسال اقبال شماست ** تا بیابد هر یکی چیزی که خواست
  • He will give the women robes of honour and donations; on the children too he will put mitres of gold.
  • مر زنان را خلعت و صلت دهد ** کودکان را هم کلاه زر نهد