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  • The two eyes of the Intellect are (fixed) on the end of things: it endures the pain of the thorn for the sake of that Rose
  • عقل را دو دیده در پایان کار ** بهر آن گل می‌کشد او رنج خار
  • Which does not fade and drop in autumn—far from it be the wind (breath) of every nose that cannot smell!
  • که نفرساید نریزد در خزان ** باد هر خرطوم اخشم دور از آن
  • How the Demon sat on the place (throne) of Solomon, on whom be peace, and imitated his actions; and concerning the manifest difference between the two Solomons, and how the Demon called himself Solomon son of David.
  • نشستن دیو بر مقام سلیمان علیه‌السلام و تشبه کردن او به کارهای سلیمان علیه‌السلام و فرق ظاهر میان هر دو سلیمان و دیو خویشتن را سلیمان بن داود نام کردن
  • Even if thou hast intellect, associate and consult with another intellect, O father.
  • ورچه عقلت هست با عقل دگر ** یار باش و مشورت کن ای پدر
  • With two intellects thou wilt be delivered from many afflictions: thou wilt plant thy foot on the summit of the heavens.
  • با دو عقل از بس بلاها وا رهی ** پای خود بر اوج گردونها نهی
  • If the Demon called himself Solomon and won the kingdom and made the empire subject (to him), 1265
  • دیو گر خود را سلیمان نام کرد ** ملک برد و مملکت را رام کرد
  • (It was because) he had seen (and imitated) the form of Solomon's action; (but) within the form the spirit of demonry was appearing.
  • صورت کار سلیمان دیده بود ** صورت اندر سر دیوی می‌نمود
  • The people said, “This Solomon is without excellence: there are (great) differences between (that) Solomon and (this) Solomon.”
  • خلق گفتند این سلیمان بی‌صفاست ** از سلیمان تا سلیمان فرقهاست
  • He (the former) is like wakefulness, this one is like sleep; (there is as much difference) as between that Hasan and this Hasan.
  • او چو بیداریست این هم‌چون وسن ** هم‌چنانک آن حسن با این حسن
  • The Demon would reply, “God has bestowed on Ahriman a pleasing form (aspect) in the likeness of me.
  • دیو می‌گفتی که حق بر شکل من ** صورتی کردست خوش بر اهرمن
  • God hath given my aspect to the Devil: let him not cast you into his net! 1270
  • دیو را حق صورت من داده است ** تا نیندازد شما را او بشست