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  • (It was because) he had seen (and imitated) the form of Solomon's action; (but) within the form the spirit of demonry was appearing.
  • صورت کار سلیمان دیده بود ** صورت اندر سر دیوی می‌نمود
  • The people said, “This Solomon is without excellence: there are (great) differences between (that) Solomon and (this) Solomon.”
  • خلق گفتند این سلیمان بی‌صفاست ** از سلیمان تا سلیمان فرقهاست
  • He (the former) is like wakefulness, this one is like sleep; (there is as much difference) as between that Hasan and this Hasan.
  • او چو بیداریست این هم‌چون وسن ** هم‌چنانک آن حسن با این حسن
  • The Demon would reply, “God has bestowed on Ahriman a pleasing form (aspect) in the likeness of me.
  • دیو می‌گفتی که حق بر شکل من ** صورتی کردست خوش بر اهرمن
  • God hath given my aspect to the Devil: let him not cast you into his net! 1270
  • دیو را حق صورت من داده است ** تا نیندازد شما را او بشست
  • If he appear with the pretence (that he is really I), beware! Do not have regard to his (outward) form.”
  • گر پدید آید به دعوی زینهار ** صورت او را مدارید اعتبار
  • The Demon was saying this to them from guile, but in good (enlightened) hearts the reverse of this was apparent.
  • دیوشان از مکر این می‌گفت لیک ** می‌نمود این عکس در دلهای نیک
  • There is no playing tricks with the discerning man, especially (with) him whose discernment and intelligence speak of the Unseen.
  • نیست بازی با ممیز خاصه او ** که بود تمییز و عقلش غیب‌گو
  • No magic and no imposture and fraud will bind a veil upon the owners of (spiritual) empire.
  • هیچ سحر و هیچ تلبیس و دغل ** می‌نبندد پرده بر اهل دول
  • Hence they were saying to themselves in reply (to the Demon), “Thou art going upside down, O thou who art addressed falsely (by the name of Solomon). 1275
  • پس همی گفتند با خود در جواب ** بازگونه می‌روی ای کژ خطاب