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  • The entire plain is filled with snakes and scorpions when the ignorant man becomes king (master) of the bitter (harsh) decree.
  • جمله صحرا مار و کزدم پر شود ** چونک جاهل شاه حکم مر شود
  • The worthless person who acquires wealth and office has become the seeker of his own disgrace.
  • مال و منصب ناکسی که آرد به دست ** طالب رسوایی خویش او شدست
  • Either he behaves stingily and gives few presents, or he shows generosity and bestows (them) in the wrong place (unsuitably). 1445
  • یا کند بخل و عطاها کم دهد ** یا سخا آرد بنا موضع نهد
  • He puts the king in the house (square) of the pawn: the gifts which a fool makes are like this.
  • شاه را در خانه‌ی بیذق نهد ** این چنین باشد عطا که احمق دهد
  • When authority falls into the hands of one who has lost the (right) way, he deems it to be a high position (jáh), (but in reality) he has fallen into a pit (cháh).
  • حکم چون در دست گمراهی فتاد ** جاه پندارید در چاهی فتاد
  • He does not know the way, (yet) he acts as guide: his wicked spirit makes a world-conflagration.
  • راه نمی‌داند قلاووزی کند ** جان زشت او جهان‌سوزی کند
  • When (one who is as) a child in the Way of (spiritual) poverty assumes the part of an Elder (Director of souls), the ghoul of unblessedness seizes those who follow (him).
  • طفل راه فقر چون پیری گرفت ** پی‌روان را غول ادباری گرفت
  • “Come,” says he, “for I will show thee the moon”; (yet) that impure one never saw the moon. 1450
  • که بیا تا ماه بنمایم ترا ** ماه را هرگز ندید آن بی‌صفا
  • How wilt thou show (the moon) when during (all) thy life thou hast not seen even the reflexion of the moon in the water, O half-baked dunce?
  • چون نمایی چون ندیدستی به عمر ** عکس مه در آب هم ای خام غمر
  • The foolish have become leaders, and from fear (of them) the wise have drawn their heads into the cloak.
  • احمقان سرور شدستند و ز بیم ** عاقلان سرها کشیده در گلیم
  • Commentary on "O thou that wrappest thyself."
  • تفسیر یا ایها المزمل