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  • Likewise the shoemaker buys hide and leather and morocco (with) the surplus left over from (what he spends on) bread,
  • کفشگر هم آنچ افزاید ز نان  ** می‌خرد چرم و ادیم و سختیان 
  • Saying, “These have (always) been the sources of my income: from these, accordingly, my means of livelihood are flowing.”
  • که اصول دخلم اینها بوده‌اند  ** هم ازینها می‌گشاید رزق بند 
  • His income has come from that place: consequently he bestows (it) in the same place with liberality and generosity.
  • دخل از آنجا آمدستش لاجرم  ** هم در آنجا می‌کند داد و کرم 
  • This soil (that produces crops) and (this) morocco are only a veil (secondary cause): know that at every moment the (real) source of livelihood is in God. 1490
  • این زمین و سختیان پرده‌ست و بس  ** اصل روزی از خدا دان هر نفس 
  • When you sow, sow in the soil of the Origin, that for every single (seed) a hundred thousand (blessings) may grow.
  • چون بکاری در زمین اصل کار  ** تا بروید هر یکی را صد هزار 
  • If just now (recently) you have sown seed, (as) I will suppose, in a soil which you thought (would be) a means (of producing crops)—
  • گیرم اکنون تخم را گر کاشتی  ** در زمینی که سبب پنداشتی 
  • When it (the seed) does not grow during two or three years, how can you do aught but put your hand (to your head) in supplication and prayer?
  • چون دو سه سال آن نروید چون کنی  ** جز که در لابه و دعا کف در زنی 
  • You will beat your hand on your head in the presence of God: (your) hand and head bear witness to His giving sustenance;
  • دست بر سر می‌زنی پیش اله  ** دست و سر بر دادن رزقش گواه 
  • So that you may know that He is the Source of the source of (all) sustenance, and that the seeker of sustenance may seek only Him. 1495
  • تا بدانی اصل اصل رزق اوست  ** تا همو را جوید آنک رزق‌جوست 
  • Seek sustenance from Him, do not seek it from Zayd and ‘Amr: seek intoxication from Him, do not seek it from beng and wine.
  • رزق از وی جو مجو از زید و عمرو  ** مستی از وی جو مجو از بنگ و خمر