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  • He (the hypocrite) has the smell of the apple, but no part of the apple (itself); and in him (even) the smell is only for the purpose of (coming into) contact (with the true believers).
  • بوی سیبش هست جزو سیب نیست  ** بو درو جز از پی آسیب نیست 
  • The charge of a woman in battle does not break the (hostile) ranks; nay, her plight becomes pitiable.
  • حمله‌ی زن در میان کارزار  ** نشکند صف بلک گردد کارزار 
  • Though you see her take the sword (and fight) like a lion amidst the ranks, (yet) her hand trembles. 2460
  • گرچه می‌بینی چو شیر اندر صفش  ** تیغ بگرفته همی‌لرزد کفش 
  • Alas for him whose reason is female, while his wicked fleshly soul is male and ready (to gratify its lust)!
  • وای آنک عقل او ماده بود  ** نفس زشتش نر و آماده بود 
  • Of necessity, his reason is vanquished: his movement is towards naught but perdition.
  • لاجرم مغلوب باشد عقل او  ** جز سوی خسران نباشد نقل او 
  • Oh, blest is that one whose reason is male, while his wicked fleshly soul is female and helpless;
  • ای خنک آن کس که عقلش نر بود  ** نفس زشتش ماده و مضطر بود 
  • Whose particular (individual) reason is male and dominant, (so that) his intellect deprives the female fleshly soul (of power to do mischief).
  • عقل جزوی‌اش نر و غالب بود  ** نفس انثی را خرد سالب بود 
  • The attack of the female, too, is bold in appearance; her defect, as (in the case of) that ass, arises from asininity. 2465
  • حمله‌ی ماده به صورت هم جریست  ** آفت او هم‌چو آن خر از خریست 
  • The animal nature prevails in woman, because she has an inclination towards colour and scent.
  • وصف حیوانی بود بر زن فزون  ** زانک سوی رنگ و بو دارد رکون 
  • (When) the ass heard of the colour and scent of the meadow, all arguments (in favour of trust in God) disgusted him.
  • رنگ و بوی سبزه‌زار آن خر شنید  ** جمله حجتها ز طبع او رمید