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  • Or of the Falcons which foster the partridges and fly both with their bellies turned downward and also on their backs. 2555
  • یا از آن بازان که کبکان پرورند  ** هم نگون اشکم هم استان می‌پرند 
  • In the world there are invisible ladders, (leading) step by step up to the summit of heaven.
  • نردبانهاییست پنهان در جهان  ** پایه پایه تا عنان آسمان 
  • There is a different ladder for every class, there is a different heaven for every (traveller's) way.
  • هر گره را نردبانی دیگرست  ** هر روش را آسمانی دیگرست 
  • Every one is ignorant of another's condition (in) the kingdom (which is) wide and without end or beginning.
  • هر یکی از حال دیگر بی‌خبر  ** ملک با پهنا و بی‌پایان و سر 
  • This one is amazed at that one and asks wherefore he is happy, while that one is astounded at this one and asks why he is amazed.
  • این در آن حیران که او از چیست خوش  ** وآن درین خیره که حیرت چیستش 
  • The area of God's earth is spacious: every tree springs up from a certain soil. 2560
  • صحن ارض الله واسع آمده  ** هر درختی از زمینی سر زده 
  • The leaves and boughs on the trees are giving thanks (to God), crying, “Oh, what a fine kingdom! Oh, what a broad expanse!”
  • بر درختان شکر گویان برگ و شاخ  ** که زهی ملک و زهی عرصه‌ی فراخ 
  • The nightingales are (flying) round the knobby blossom, saying, “Give us some of that which thou drinkest.”
  • بلبلان گرد شکوفه‌ی پر گره  ** که از آنچ می‌خوری ما را بده 
  • This discourse hath no end: return to the fox and the lion and the (lion's) sickness and hunger.
  • این سخن پایان ندارد کن رجوع  ** سوی آن روباه و شیر و سقم و جوع 
  • How the fox brought the ass to the lion, and how the ass jumped away from the lion, and how the fox reproached the lion, saying, “The ass was still far off: you were too hasty”; and how the lion made excuses and entreated the fox to go and trick him a second time.
  • بردن روبه خر را پیش شیر و جستن خر از شیر و عتاب کردن روباه با شیر کی هنوز خر دور بود تعجیل کردی و عذر گفتن شیر و لابه کردن روبه را شیر کی برو بار دگرش به فریب 
  • When he (the fox) brought him (the ass) up the hill towards the meadow, in order that the lion might pulverise him with a (sudden) charge,
  • چونک بر کوهش بسوی مرج برد  ** تا کند شیرش به حمله خرد و مرد