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  • Every body resembles a bowl or a pot, wherein is both food and a (cause of) heart-burning.
  • هست هر جسمی چو کاسه و کوزه‌ای  ** اندرو هم قوت و هم دلسوزه‌ای 
  • The bowl is visible, the plenty (contained) in it is hidden: (only) he who tastes it (the contents) knows what he is eating or drinking from it.
  • کاسه پیدا اندرو پنهان رغد  ** طاعمش داند کزان چه می‌خورد 
  • The form of Joseph was like a beauteous cup: from it his father drank a hundred exhilarating wines. 3300
  • صورت یوسف چو جامی بود خوب  ** زان پدر می‌خورد صد باده‌ی طروب 
  • Again, to his brethren (the draught they took) from it was poisoned water which was increasing in them anger and hatred.
  • باز اخوان را از آن زهراب بود  ** کان دریشان خشم و کینه می‌فزود 
  • Again, to Zalíkhá (the draught she took) from it was (sweet as) sugar: she was quaffing a different opiate from (the hand of) Love.
  • باز از وی مر زلیخا را سکر  ** می‌کشید از عشق افیونی دگر 
  • The nutriment which came from Joseph to that fair one was other than that which came to Jacob.
  • غیر آنچ بود مر یعقوب را  ** بود از یوسف غذا آن خوب را 
  • The sherbets are various, but the pot is one, in order that no doubt may remain in thee concerning the wine of the Unseen.
  • گونه‌گونه شربت و کوزه یکی  ** تا نماند در می غیبت شکی 
  • The wine belongs to the Unseen, the pot to this world: the pot is apparent, the wine in it is very hidden: 3305
  • باده از غیبست و کوزه زین جهان  ** کوزه پیدا باده در وی بس نهان 
  • Very hidden from the eyes of the uninitiated, but manifest and evident to the adept.
  • بس نهان از دیده‌ی نامحرمان  ** لیک بر محرم هویدا و عیان 
  • O my God, our eyes have been intoxicated. Forgive us: our burdens have been made heavy.
  • یا الهی سکرت ابصارنا  ** فاعف عنا اثقلت اوزارنا