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  • Its disagreeable companion had tied its wings and plumes; else (it would have risen, for) originally it was very soaring.
  • یار ناخوش پر و بالش بسته بود  ** ورنه او در اصل بس برجسته بود 
  • When they uttered the rebuke Get ye down, they suspended it, head first, like Hárút.
  • چون عتاب اهبطوا انگیختند  ** هم‌چو هاروتش نگون آویختند 
  • Hárút was one of the angels of Heaven: on account of a (Divine) rebuke he was suspended thus. 3620
  • بود هاروت از ملاک آسمان  ** از عتابی شد معلق هم‌چنان 
  • He was (suspended), head downwards, because he remained far aloof from the Head and made himself the head and advanced alone.
  • سرنگون زان شد که از سر دور ماند  ** خویش را سر ساخت و تنها پیش راند 
  • When the basket saw itself to be full of water, it behaved with independence and parted from the sea.
  • آن سپد خود را چو پر از آب دید  ** کر استغنا و از دریا برید 
  • (Afterwards, when) not a single drop of water remained inside it, the sea showed mercy and called it back.
  • بر جگر آبش یکی قطره نماند  ** بحر رحمت کرد و او را باز خواند 
  • From the (Divine) Sea comes an uncaused undeserved mercy in a blessed hour.
  • رحمتی بی‌علتی بی‌خدمتی  ** آید از دریا مبارک ساعتی 
  • For God's sake, for God's sake, frequent the Seashore, though those who dwell on the seashore are pale, 3625
  • الله الله گرد دریابار گرد  ** گرچه باشند اهل دریابار زرد 
  • In order that the grace of a Benefactor may come (to thee) and that thy pale face may be reddened by a jewel.
  • تا که آید لطف بخشایش‌گری  ** سرخ گردد روی زرد از گوهری 
  • Yellowness (paleness) of face is the best of complexions, because it is in expectation of that meeting (with God);
  • زردی رو بهترین رنگهاست  ** زانک اندر انتظار آن لقاست