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  • (But) the gnostics, having become conscious of the beginning, are free from anxiety and (care for) the ultimate conditions.
  • عارفان ز آغاز گشته هوشمند  ** از غم و احوال آخر فارغ‌اند 
  • (Formerly) the gnostic had the same fear and hope (as the ascetic), (but) his knowledge of the past devoured both those (feelings).
  • بود عارف را همین خوف و رجا  ** سابقه‌دانیش خورد آن هر دو را 
  • He perceived that in the past he had sown pulse: he knows what the produce will be.
  • دید کو سابق زراعت کرد ماش  ** او همی‌داند چه خواهد بود چاش 
  • He is a gnostic and has been delivered from fear and dread: the sword of God has cut lamentation asunder
  • عارفست و باز رست از خوف و بیم  ** های هو را کرد تیغ حق دو نیم 
  • (Formerly) he had from God (feelings of) fear and hope: the fear has passed away and the hope has come into clear view. 4070
  • بود او را بیم و اومید از خدا  ** خوف فانی شد عیان گشت آن رجا 
  • When he (Ayáz) broke that choice pearl, thereupon from the Amirs arose a hundred clamours and outcries—
  • چون شکست او گوهر خاص آن زمان  ** زان امیران خاست صد بانگ و فغان 
  • “What recklessness is this! By God, whoever has broken this luminous pearl is an infidel”—
  • کین چه بی‌باکیست والله کافرست  ** هر که این پر نور گوهر را شکست 
  • And (yet) the whole company (of Amirs) in their ignorance and blindness had broken the pearl of the King’s command.
  • وآن جماعت جمله از جهل و عما  ** در شکسته در امر شاه را 
  • The precious pearl, the product of love and affection—why was it (ever) veiled from hearts like those?
  • قیمتی گوهر نتیجه‌ی مهر و ود  ** بر چنان خاطر چرا پوشیده شد 
  • How the Amirs reviled Ayáz, saying, “Why did he break it?” and how Ayáz answered them.
  • تشنیع زدن امرا بر ایاز کی چرا شکستش و جواب دادن ایاز ایشان را 
  • Ayáz said, “O renowned princes, is the King’s command more precious or the pearl? 4075
  • گفت ایاز ای مهتران نامور  ** امر شه بهتر به قیمت یا گهر