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  • There was a decrepit old woman aged ninety years, her face covered with wrinkles and her complexion (yellow as) saffron.
  • بود کمپیری نودساله کلان  ** پر تشنج روی و رنگش زعفران 
  • Her face was in folds like the surface of a traveller's food-wallet, but there remained in her the passionate desire for a husband.
  • چون سر سفره رخ او توی توی  ** لیک در وی بود مانده عشق شوی 
  • Her teeth had dropped out and her hair had become (white) as milk: her figure was (bent) like a bow, and every sense in her was decayed.
  • ریخت دندانهاش و مو چون شیر شد  ** قد کمان و هر حسش تغییر شد 
  • Her passion for a husband and her lust and desire were (there) in full (force): the passion for snaring (was there), though the trap had fallen to pieces. 1225
  • عشق شوی و شهوت و حرصش تمام  ** عشق صید و پاره‌پاره گشته دام 
  • (She was like) a cock that crows at the wrong time, a road that leads nowhere, a big fire beneath an empty kettle;
  • مرغ بی‌هنگام و راه بی‌رهی  ** آتشی پر در بن دیگ تهی 
  • (Like one who is) exceedingly fond of the race-course, but has no horse and no means of running; (or) exceedingly fond of piping, but having neither lip nor pipe.
  • عاشق میدان و اسپ و پای نی  ** عاشق زمر و لب و سرنای نی 
  • May (even) Jews have no (such) cupidity in (their) old age! Oh, (how) miserable is he on whom God hath bestowed this cupidity!
  • حرص در پیری جهودان را مباد  ** ای شقیی که خداش این حرص داد 
  • A dog's teeth drop out when it grows old: it leaves people (alone) and takes to (eating) dung;
  • ریخت دندانهای سگ چون پیر شد  ** ترک مردم کرد و سرگین‌گیر شد 
  • (But) look at these sexagenarian dogs! Their dog-teeth get sharper at every moment. 1230
  • این سگان شصت ساله را نگر  ** هر دمی دندان سگشان تیزتر 
  • The hairs drop from the fur of an old dog; (but) see these old (human) dogs clad in satin!
  • پیر سگ را ریخت پشم از پوستین  ** این سگان پیر اطلس‌پوش بین