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  • The old woman took the mirror (and held it) before her face, that she might beautify her cheeks and face and mouth.
  • پیش رو آیینه بگرفت آن عجوز  ** تا بیاراید رخ و رخسار و پوز 
  • She rubbed (them) gleefully (with) rouge several times, (but) the creases of her face did not become more concealed, 1270
  • چند گلگونه بمالید از بطر  ** سفره‌ی رویش نشد پوشیده‌تر 
  • (So) that filthy (hag) was cutting out portions of the Holy Book and sticking them on her face,
  • عشرهای مصحف از جا می‌برید  ** می‌بچفسانید بر رو آن پلید 
  • In order that the creases of her face might be hidden, and that she might become the bezel in the ring of fair (women).
  • تا که سفره‌ی روی او پنهان شود  ** تا نگین حلقه‌ی خوبان شود 
  • She was putting (these) bits of the Book all over her face, (but) they always dropped off when she put on her chádar (veil);
  • عشرها بر روی هر جا می‌نهاد  ** چونک بر می‌بست چادر می‌فتاد 
  • Then she would stick them on again with spittle on all sides of her face,
  • باز او آن عشرها را با خدو  ** می‌بچفسانید بر اطراف رو 
  • And once more that bezel (paragon of beauty) would arrange her veil, and (again) the bits of the Book would fall from her face to the ground. 1275
  • باز چادر راست کردی آن تکین  ** عشرها افتادی از رو بر زمین 
  • Since they always dropped off though she tried many an artifice, (at last) she exclaimed, “A hundred curses on Iblís!”
  • چون بسی می‌کرد فن و آن می‌فتاد  ** گفت صد لعنت بر آن ابلیس باد 
  • Immediately Iblís took (visible) shape and said (to her), “O luckless dried-up harlot,
  • شد مصور آن زمان ابلیس زود  ** گفت ای قحبه‌ی قدید بی‌ورود 
  • In all my life I have never thought of this: I have never seen this (impiety practised) by any harlot except thee.
  • من همه عمر این نیندیشیده‌ام  ** نه ز جز تو قحبه‌ای این دیده‌ام