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  • The dead man is naughted (only) from one point of view, namely), as regards loss (of bodily life); the Súfís have been naughted in a hundred respects.
  • مرده از یک روست فانی در گزند  ** صوفیان از صد جهت فانی شدند 
  • (Bodily) death is a single killing, while this (spiritual death) is three hundred thousand (killings), for each one of which there is a blood-price beyond reckoning.
  • مرگ یک قتلست و این سیصد هزار  ** هر یکی را خونبهایی بی‌شمار 
  • Though God hath killed these folk many a time, (yet) He hath poured forth (infinite) stores (of grace) in payment of the blood-price. 1540
  • گرچه کشت این قوم را حق بارها  ** ریخت بهر خونبها انبارها 
  • Every one (of these martyrs) is inwardly like Jirjís (St George): they have been killed and brought to life (again) sixty times.
  • هم‌چو جرجیس‌اند هر یک در سرار  ** کشته گشته زنده گشته شصت بار 
  • From his delight in (being smitten by) the spear-point of the (Divine) Judge, the killed one is ever burning (in rapture) and crying. Strike another blow!”
  • کشته از ذوق سنان دادگر  ** می‌بسوزد که بزن زخمی دگر 
  • (I swear) by God, from love for the existence that fosters the spirit, the killed one longs (still) more passionately to be killed a second time.
  • والله از عشق وجود جان‌پرست  ** کشته بر قتل دوم عاشق‌ترست 
  • The Cadi said, “I am the cadi for the living: how am I the judge of the occupants of the graveyard?
  • گفت قاضی من قضادار حیم  ** حاکم اصحاب گورستان کیم 
  • If to outward seeming this man is not laid low in the grave, (yet) graves have entered into his household. 1545
  • این به صورت گر نه در گورست پست  ** گورها در دودمانش آمدست 
  • You have seen many a dead man in the grave: (now), O, blind one, see the grave in a dead man.
  • بس بدیدی مرده اندر گور تو  ** گور را در مرده بین ای کور تو 
  • If bricks from the grave have fallen on you, how should reasonable persons seek redress from the grave?
  • گر ز گوری خشت بر تو اوفتاد  ** عاقلان از گور کی خواهند داد