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  • Then they told him, ‘Cleverer persons than you have been checkmated by him: do not soar (too high) in your pretensions. 1675
  • پس بگفتندش که از تو چست‌تر  ** مات او گشتند در دعوی مپر 
  • Go to, be not so deluded by your intelligence, else you will be lost in his wiles.’
  • رو به عقل خود چنین غره مباش  ** که شوی یاوه تو در تزویرهاش 
  • The Turk became (still) hotter and made a wager there (and then) that he (the tailor) would not be able to rob (him of anything) either old or new.
  • گرم‌تر شد ترک و بست آنجا گرو  ** که نیارد برد نی کهنه نی نو 
  • Those who flattered his hopes made him hotter (than before): immediately he wagered and declared the stakes,
  • مطمعانش گرم‌تر کردند زود  ** او گرو بست و رهان را بر گشود 
  • Saying, ‘I will pay this Arab horse of mine as a forfeit if he artfully steals my stuff;
  • که گرو این مرکب تازی من  ** بدهم ار دزدد قماشم او به فن 
  • And if he cannot rob (me) I shall receive a horse from you (as an equivalent) for the first stake.’ 1680
  • ور نتواند برد اسپی از شما  ** وا ستانم بهر رهن مبتدا 
  • Because of his anxiety sleep did not overcome the Turk (all) that night: he was fighting with the phantom of the thief.
  • ترک را آن شب نبرد از غصه خواب  ** با خیال دزد می‌کرد او حراب 
  • In the morning he put a piece of satin under his arm, went to the bazaar, and (entered) the shop of that cunning rogue.
  • بامدادان اطلسی زد در بغل  ** شد به بازار و دکان آن دغل 
  • Then he saluted him warmly, and the master(-tailor) sprang up from his seat and opened his lips to bid him welcome.
  • پس سلامش کرد گرم و اوستاد  ** جست از جا لب به ترحیبش گشاد 
  • He inquired (after his health, etc.) with a cordiality exceeding (even) that of the Turk, so that he planted in his (the Turk's) heart (feelings of) affection for him.
  • گرم پرسیدش ز حد ترک بیش  ** تا فکند اندر دل او مهر خویش