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  • In the morning he put a piece of satin under his arm, went to the bazaar, and (entered) the shop of that cunning rogue.
  • بامدادان اطلسی زد در بغل  ** شد به بازار و دکان آن دغل 
  • Then he saluted him warmly, and the master(-tailor) sprang up from his seat and opened his lips to bid him welcome.
  • پس سلامش کرد گرم و اوستاد  ** جست از جا لب به ترحیبش گشاد 
  • He inquired (after his health, etc.) with a cordiality exceeding (even) that of the Turk, so that he planted in his (the Turk's) heart (feelings of) affection for him.
  • گرم پرسیدش ز حد ترک بیش  ** تا فکند اندر دل او مهر خویش 
  • When he (the Turk) heard from him a song like the nightingale's, he threw down before him the piece of Stamboul satin, 1685
  • چون بدید از وی نوای بلبلی  ** پیشش افکند اطلس استنبلی 
  • Saying, ‘Cut this into a coat for the day of battle: (let it be) wide below my navel and tight above it—
  • که ببر این را قبای روز جنگ  ** زیر نافم واسع و بالاش تنگ 
  • Tight above, to show off my body (figure); wide below, so as not to hamper my legs.’
  • تنگ بالا بهر جسم‌آرای را  ** زیر واسع تا نگیرد پای را 
  • He replied, ‘O kindly man, I will do (you) a hundred services,’ and in (token of) accepting it (the commission) he laid his hand upon his eye.
  • گفت صد خدمت کنم ای ذو وداد  ** در قبولش دست بر دیده نهاد 
  • Then he measured (the satin) and inspected the working surface (of it) and, after that, opened his lips in idle chat.
  • پس بپیمود و بدید او روی کار  ** بعد از آن بگشاد لب را در فشار 
  • Of stories about other Amírs and of the bounties and gifts of those persons 1690
  • از حکایتهای میران دگر  ** وز کرمها و عطاء آن نفر 
  • And about the misers and their (mean) economies—(of all this) he gave a sample for the purpose of (exciting) laughter.
  • وز بخیلان و ز تحشیراتشان  ** از برای خنده هم داد او نشان