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  • (Ever) since each several part of thee grew up from non-existence, how much joy have they experienced and how much pain!
  • جزو جزوت تا برستست از عدم  ** چند شادی دیده‌اند و چند غم 
  • For without pleasure no part will grow; on the contrary, at every spasm (of pain) the part (affected) becomes thin (dwindles).
  • زانک بی‌لذت نروید هیچ جزو  ** بلک لاغر گردد از هی پیچ جزو 
  • The part remained (in being), but the pleasure vanished from memory; nay, it did not vanish, (though) it became concealed from the five (senses) and the seven (members of the body).
  • جزو ماند و آن خوشی از یاد رفت  ** بل نرفت آن خفیه شد از پنج و هفت 
  • (’Tis) like summer, from which cotton is born: the cotton remains, the summer is no more remembered; 1800
  • هم‌چو تابستان که از وی پنبه‌زاد  ** ماند پنبه رفت تابستان ز یاد 
  • Or like the ice which is born of winter: winter disappears, but the ice is with us.
  • یا مثال یخ که زاید از شتا  ** شد شتا پنهان و آن یخ پیش ما 
  • The ice is a souvenir of the hardships (of winter), and in December these fruits are a souvenir of summer.
  • هست آن یخ زان صعوبت یادگار  ** یادگار صیف در دی این ثمار 
  • Similarly, O youth, every single part in thy body is telling the story of a (past) bounty,
  • هم‌چنان هر جزو جزوت ای فتی  ** در تنت افسانه گوی نعمتی 
  • As, (in the case of) a woman who has twenty children, each (child) is telling of a (past) delight.
  • چون زنی که بیست فرزندش بود  ** هر یکی حاکی حال خوش بود 
  • There is no pregnancy without (past) rapture and amorous sport: how should the orchard produce (fruit) without a Spring? 1805
  • حمل نبود بی ز مستی و ز لاغ  ** بی بهاری کی شود زاینده باغ 
  • The pregnant (trees) and the children on their laps are evidence of dalliance with the Spring.
  • حاملان و بچگانشان بر کنار  ** شد دلیل عشق‌بازی با بهار