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  • Both (these) kinds of pure ideal forms are valid (trustworthy) witnesses to the mystery of union.
  • هر دو گون تمثال پاکیزه‌مثال  ** شاهد عدل‌اند بر سر وصال 
  • Both (these) kinds of subtle and delectable beauty are witnesses to (spiritual) pregnancies and growing big (with child) in the past,
  • هر دو گون حسن لطیف مرتضی  ** شاهد احبال و حشر ما مضی 
  • Like ice that in the brilliant (month of) Tamúz is ever telling the story of winter
  • هم‌چو یخ کاندر تموز مستجد  ** هر دم افسانه‌ی زمستان می‌کند 
  • And recalling the cold winds and intense frost in those hard days and times; 1820
  • ذکر آن اریاح سرد و زمهریر  ** اندر آن ازمان و ایام عسیر 
  • (Or) like fruit that in winter-time tells the story of God's lovingkindness
  • هم‌چو آن میوه که در وقت شتا  ** می‌کند افسانه‌ی لطف خدا 
  • And the tale of the season when the sun was smiling and embracing the brides of the orchard. [And the tale of the season when the sun was (enjoying) touching and copulating (with) the brides of the orchard.]
  • قصه‌ی دور تبسمهای شمس  ** وآن عروسان چمن را لمس و طمس 
  • The ecstasy is gone but thy (every) part remains as a souvenir: either inquire of it, or thyself recall (the ecstasy) to mind.
  • حال رفت و ماند جزوت یادگار  ** یا ازو واپرس یا خود یاد آر 
  • When grief takes possession of thee, if thou art a fit (alert and capable) person thou wouldst question that moment of despair
  • چون فرو گیرد غمت گر چستیی  ** زان دم نومید کن وا جستیی 
  • And wouldst say to it, “O Sorrow that deniest implicitly the allowance of favours (bestowed upon thee) by that Perfection, 1825
  • گفتییش ای غصه‌ی منکر به حال  ** راتبه‌ی انعامها را زان کمال 
  • If Spring and (its) fresh gladness are not always thine, (then) of what is thy body, (which is) like a heap of roses, the storehouse?
  • گر بهر دم نت بهار و خرمیست  ** هم‌چو چاش گل تنت انبار چیست