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  • Since he made this his continual practice, a whispered rumour arose in the city and (among) the people.
  • چونک این را پیشه کرد او بر دوام  ** فجفجی در شهر افتاد و عوام 
  • How the news of this treasure became known and reached the ears of the king.
  • فاش شدن خبر این گنج و رسیدن به گوش پادشاه 
  • Then the party (of informers) who lay in ambush gave information of this to the king,
  • پس خبر کردند سلطان را ازین  ** آن گروهی که بدند اندر کمین 
  • And submitted the matter (to him) secretly, saying that such-and-such an one had found a treasure-scroll.
  • عرضه کردند آن سخن را زیردست  ** که فلانی گنج‌نامه یافتست 
  • When this person (the fakir) heard that it had come to (the knowledge of) the king, he saw no remedy but resignation and acquiescence; 1950
  • چون شنید این شخص کین با شه رسید  ** جز که تسلیم و رضا چاره ندید 
  • (So), ere he should suffer (torture on) the rack by order of the Emperor, that person laid the note (of the treasure) before him,
  • پیش از آنک اشکنجه بیند زان قباد  ** رقعه را آن شخص پیش او نهاد 
  • Saying, “(Ever) since I found this scroll, I have seen no treasure but (only) infinite trouble.
  • گفت تا این رقعه را یابیده‌ام  ** گنج نه و رنج بی‌حد دیده‌ام 
  • Not even a single mite of treasure has been discovered, but I have writhed very much, like a snake.
  • خود نشد یک حبه از گنج آشکار  ** لیک پیچیدم بسی من هم‌چو مار 
  • During a (whole) month I have been in bitter distress like this, for loss or gain (accruing) from this (treasure-scroll) is forbidden to me.
  • مدت ماهی چنینم تلخ‌کام  ** که زیان و سود این بر من حرام 
  • Maybe thy fortune will disclose (to thee) this mine (of riches), O king (who art) victorious in war and the conqueror of fortresses.” 1955
  • بوک بختت بر کند زین کان غطا  ** ای شه پیروزجنگ و دزگشا 
  • For six long months and more the king shot arrows and dug pits (where the arrows fell).
  • مدت شش ماه و افزون پادشاه  ** تیر می‌انداخت و برمی‌کند چاه