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  • (The lover is) fierce in onset and body-consuming and unabashed: in tribulation, like the nether millstone;
  • ترک‌تاز و تن‌گداز و بی‌حیا  ** در بلا چون سنگ زیر آسیا 
  • A hard-faced one that has no back: he has killed in himself the seeking of self-interest.
  • سخت‌رویی که ندارد هیچ پشت  ** بهره‌جویی را درون خویش کشت 
  • He gambles (everything) clean away, he seeks no reward, even as he receives (everything) clean (as a free gift) from Him (God). 1970
  • پاک می‌بازد نباشد مزدجو  ** آنچنان که پاک می‌گیرد ز هو 
  • God gives him his existence without any cause: the devoted (lover) yields it up again without cause;
  • می‌دهد حق هستیش بی‌علتی  ** می‌سپارد باز بی‌علت فتی 
  • For devotion consists in giving without cause: gambling (one's self) clean away (pure self-sacrifice) is outside of (transcends) every religion.
  • که فتوت دادن بی علتست  ** پاک‌بازی خارج هر ملتست 
  • Forasmuch as religion seeks (Divine) grace or salvation, those who gamble (everything) clean away are (God's) chosen favourites.
  • زانک ملت فضل جوید یا خلاص  ** پاک بازانند قربانان خاص 
  • Neither do they put God to any test, nor do they knock at the door of any profit or loss.
  • نی خدا را امتحانی می‌کنند  ** نی در سود و زیانی می‌زنند 
  • How the king gave back the treasure-scroll to the fakir, saying, “Take it: we are quit of it.”
  • باز دادن شاه گنج‌نامه را به آن فقیر کی بگیر ما از سر این برخاستیم 
  • When the king handed over to that grief-stricken man the treasure-scroll (which was) fraught with commotion, 1975
  • چونک رقعه‌ی گنج پر آشوب را  ** شه مسلم داشت آن مکروب را 
  • He (the fakir) became secure from rivals and annoyance, (so) he went and wrapped himself in his melancholy madness.
  • گشت آمن او ز خصمان و ز نیش  ** رفت و می‌پیچید در سودای خویش 
  • He made sad-thoughted Love his friend: a dog licks his own sore himself.
  • یار کرد او عشق درداندیش را  ** کلب لیسد خویش ریش خویش را