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  • Those who travel by night and move swiftly with the moon on her way, how should they relinquish their journey because of the dog's yelping?
  • شب روان و همرهان مه بتگ  ** ترک رفتن کی کنند از بانگ سگ 
  • The part is speeding like an arrow towards the Whole: how should it stop on account of any old hag?
  • جزو سوی کل دوان مانند تیر  ** کی کند وقف از پی هر گنده‌پیر 
  • The gnostic is the soul of religion and the soul of piety: gnosis is the result of past asceticism. 2090
  • جان شرع و جان تقوی عارفست  ** معرفت محصول زهد سالفست 
  • Asceticism is the labour of sowing; gnosis is the growth of the seed.
  • زهد اندر کاشتن کوشیدنست  ** معرفت آن کشت را روییدنست 
  • Therefore the (ascetic's) hard struggle and his firm religious conviction are like the body, (while) the soul of this sowing is the growth (of the seed) and its harvesting.
  • پس چو تن باشد جهاد و اعتقاد  ** جان این کشتن نباتست و حصاد 
  • He (the gnostic) is both the command to do right and the right (itself); he is both the revealer of mysteries and that which is revealed.
  • امر معروف او و هم معروف اوست  ** کاشف اسرار و هم مکشوف اوست 
  • He is our king to-day and to-morrow: the husk is for ever a slave to his goodly kernel,
  • شاه امروزینه و فردای ماست  ** پوست بنده‌ی مغز نغزش دایماست 
  • When the Shaykh (Halláj) said ‘I am God’ and carried it through (to the end), he throttled (vanquished) all the blind (sceptics). 2095
  • چون انا الحق گفت شیخ و پیش برد  ** پس گلوی جمله کوران را فشرد 
  • When a man's ‘I’ is negated (and eliminated) from existence, then what remains? Consider, O denier.
  • چون انای بنده لا شد از وجود  ** پس چه ماند تو بیندیش ای جحود 
  • If you have an eye, open it and look! After ‘not,’ why, what else remains?
  • گر ترا چشمیست بگشا در نگر  ** بعد لا آخر چه می‌ماند دگر