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  • In perplexity the fear (of failure) and the hope of success are always in conflict with each other, (now) advancing and (now) retreating.
  • در تردد می‌زند بر همدگر  ** خوف و اومید بهی در کر و فر 
  • A prayer and a seeking refuge with God from the temptation of free-will and from the temptation of those things that minister to free-will; for the heavens and the earths dreaded and feared free-will and the things that minister to it, while the nature of Man is addicted to seeking free-will and all that ministers to his free-will; as (for example) if he is sick he feels himself to have little free-will and desires health, which ministers to free-will, in order that his free-will may be increased; and he desires high office in order that his free-will may be increased. And it was excess of free-will and of whatever ministers to it that caused the wrath of God to fall upon the peoples of the past. No one ever saw Pharaoh destitute.
  • مناجات و پناه جستن به حق از فتنه‌ی اختیار و از فتنه‌ی اسباب اختیار کی سماوات و ارضین از اختیار و اسباب اختیار شکوهیدند و ترسیدند و خلقت آدمی مولع افتاد بر طلب اختیار و اسباب اختیار خویش چنانک بیمار باشد خود را اختیار کم بیند صحت خواهد کی سبب اختیارست تا اختیارش بیفزاید و منصب خواهد تا اختیارش بیفزاید و مهبط قهر حق در امم ماضیه فرط اختیار و اسباب اختیار بوده است هرگز فرعون بی‌نوا کس ندیده است 
  • From Thee first came this ebb and flow within me; else, O glorious One, this sea (of mine) was still. 210
  • اولم این جزر و مد از تو رسید  ** ورنه ساکن بود این بحر ای مجید 
  • From the same source whence Thou gavest me this perplexity, graciously (now) make me unperplexed likewise.
  • هم از آنجا کین تردد دادیم  ** بی‌تردد کن مرا هم از کرم 
  • Thou art afflicting me. Ah, help (me), O Thou by whose affliction men are (made weak) as women.
  • ابتلاام می‌کنی آه الغیاث  ** ای ذکور از ابتلاات چون اناث 
  • How long (will) this affliction (continue)? Do not (afflict me), O Lord! Bestow on me one path, do not make me follow ten paths!
  • تا بکی این ابتلا یا رب مکن  ** مذهبی‌ام بخش و ده‌مذهب مکن 
  • I am (like) an emaciated camel, and my back is wounded by my free-will which resembles a pack-saddle.
  • اشتری‌ام لاغری و پشت ریش  ** ز اختیار هم‌چو پالان‌شکل خویش 
  • At one moment this pannier weighs heavily on this side, at another moment that pannier sags to that side. 215
  • این کژاوه گه شود این سو گران  ** آن کژاوه گه شود آن سو کشان 
  • Let the ill-balanced load drop from me, that I may behold the meadow of the pious.
  • بفکن از من حمل ناهموار را  ** تا ببینم روضه‌ی ابرار را 
  • (Then), like the Fellows of the Cave, I shall browse on the orchard of Bounty— not awake, nay, they are asleep.
  • هم‌چو آن اصحاب کهف از باغ جود  ** می‌چرم ایقاظ نی بل هم رقود 
  • I shall recline on the right or on the left, I shall not roll save involuntarily, like a ball,
  • خفته باشم بر یمین یا بر یسار  ** برنگردم جز چو گو بی‌اختیار