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  • How can a demented child play? There must be (in the child) a part (of reason) in order that it (the part) may attain to the whole.
  • کودک دیوانه بازی کی کند  ** جزو باید تا که کل را فی کند 
  • Returning to the Story of the dome and the treasure.
  • رجوع کردن به قصه‌ی قبه و گنج 
  • Lo, the idea of that fakir with (his cries) “Come! come!” has rendered me unfeignedly (really) unable (to resist his appeal).
  • نک خیال آن فقیرم بی‌ریا  ** عاجز آورد از بیا و از بیا 
  • You do not hear his cry, (but) I hear it, because I am his confidant in my inmost thoughts.
  • بانگ او تو نشنوی من بشنوم  ** زانک در اسرار همراز ویم 
  • Do not regard him as a seeker of the treasure; he is the treasure himself, how should the lover in reality be other than the beloved?
  • طالب گنجش مبین خود گنج اوست  ** دوست کی باشد به معنی غیر دوست 
  • At even moment he is bowing down (in worship) to himself: the bowing is (performed) in front of the mirror for the sake of (beholding) the face. 2260
  • سجده خود را می‌کند هر لحظه او  ** سجده پیش آینه‌ست از بهر رو 
  • If he saw in the mirror a single mite without any phantasy, nothing would be left of him.
  • گر بدیدی ز آینه او یک پشیز  ** بی‌خیالی زو نماندی هیچ چیز 
  • Both his phantasies and he (himself) would vanish: his knowledge would be obliterated in nescience.
  • هم خیالاتش هم او فانی شدی  ** دانش او محو نادانی شدی 
  • From our nescience another knowledge would rise into clear view, saying, “Lo, I am (God.”
  • دانشی دیگر ز نادانی ما  ** سر برآوردی عیان که انی انا 
  • The (Divine) call was coming (to the angels)—”Bow down to Adam, for ye are (essentially) Adam, and for a moment see yourselves to be (identical with) him.”
  • اسجدوا لادم ندا آمد همی  ** که آدمید و خویش بینیدش دمی 
  • He (God) removed strabism from their eyes, so that the earth became identical with the azure heavens. 2265
  • احولی از چشم ایشان دور کرد  ** تا زمین شد عین چرخ لاژورد