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  • There is no way (admittance) for any one, till he become naughted, into the audience-chamber of (Divine) Majesty.
  • هیچ کس را تا نگردد او فنا  ** نیست ره در بارگاه کبریا 
  • What is the means of ascension to Heaven? This not-being. Not-being is the creed and religion of the lovers (of God).
  • چیست معراج فلک این نیستی  ** عاشقان را مذهب و دین نیستی 
  • From self-abasement in the way of Love the fur jacket and rustic shoon became the prayer-niche of Ayáz.
  • پوستین و چارق آمد از نیاز  ** در طریق عشق محراب ایاز 
  • Even though he was beloved by the king (Mahmúd), and was charming and beauteous outwardly and inwardly— 235
  • گرچه او خود شاه را محبوب بود  ** ظاهر و باطن لطیف و خوب بود 
  • (For) he had become devoid of any arrogance or ostentation or malice, and his face was a mirror for the beauty of the king—
  • گشته بی‌کبر و ریا و کینه‌ای  ** حسن سلطان را رخش آیینه‌ای 
  • (Yet ’twas only) because he was far removed from his (self-) existence, (that) the end of his affair was praiseworthy.
  • چونک از هستی خود او دور شد  ** منتهای کار او محمود بد 
  • The steadfastness of Ayáz was all the firmer forasmuch as he was taking (those) precautions in fear of arrogance.
  • زان قوی‌تر بود تمکین ایاز  ** که ز خوف کبر کردی احتراز 
  • He had been purified, and he had come and smitten the neck of (had beheaded) arrogance and selfishness.
  • او مهذب گشته بود و آمده  ** کبر را و نفس را گردن زده 
  • He was practising these devices either for the purpose of instructing (others) or for the sake of some principle of wisdom far removed from fear; 240
  • یا پی تعلیم می‌کرد آن حیل  ** یا برای حکمتی دور از وجل 
  • Or (perhaps) the sight of his rustic shoon pleased him because (self-)existence is a shutter against the breeze of not-being,
  • یا که دید چارقش زان شد پسند  ** کز نسیم نیستی هستیست بند