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  • Since the (Divine) Sun caused a light to dwell in his (the Witness's) heart, the stars no longer had any values for him. 2875
  • در دلش خورشید چون نوری نشاند  ** پیشش اختر را مقادیری نماند 
  • Therefore he beheld the mysteries without veil: (he beheld) the journey of the spirit of the true believers and the infidels.
  • پس بدید او بی‌حجاب اسرار را  ** سیر روح مومن و کفار را 
  • God hath not (created) in the earth or in the lofty heaven anything more occult than the spirit of Man.
  • در زمین حق را و در چرخ سمی  ** نیست پنهان‌تر ز روح آدمی 
  • God hath unfolded (the mystery of all things) moist or dry, (but) He hath sealed (the mystery of) the spirit: ‘(it is) of the amr of my Lord.’
  • باز کرد از رطب و یابس حق نورد  ** روح را من امر ربی مهر کرد 
  • Therefore, since the august eye (of the Witness) beheld that spirit, nothing remains hidden from him.
  • پس چو دید آن روح را چشم عزیز  ** پس برو پنهان نماند هیچ چیز 
  • He is the absolute witness in every dispute: his word crushes the crop-sickness (which is the cause) of every headache. 2880
  • شاهد مطلق بود در هر نزاع  ** بشکند گفتش خمار هر صداع 
  • God is named ‘the Just,’ and the Witness belongs to Him: for this reason the just Witness is the eye of the Beloved.
  • نام حق عدلست و شاهد آن اوست  ** شاهد عدلست زین رو چشم دوست 
  • The object of God's regard in both worlds is the (pure) heart, for the king's gaze is fixed upon the favourite.
  • منظر حق دل بود در دو سرا  ** که نظر در شاهد آید شاه را 
  • God's love and the mystery of His dallying with His favourite were the origin of all His veil-making (creation of phenomena).
  • عشق حق و سر شاهدبازیش  ** بود مایه‌ی جمله پرده‌سازیش 
  • (’Twas) on that account, then, (that) in meeting (the Prophet) on the night of the Ascension our (Lord who is) fond of dalliance said, ‘But for thee (I would not have created the heavens).’
  • پس از آن لولاک گفت اندر لقا  ** در شب معراج شاهدباز ما