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  • (None of them avails) save only the specialty of that man endowed with goodly perceptions whose eye was recognising the Sultan in the (darkness of) night.
  • جز همان خاصیت آن خوش‌حواس  ** که به شب بد چشم او سلطان‌شناس 
  • All those talents were (as) ghouls (waylaying travellers) on the road, except (that of) the eye which was aware of the King.
  • آن هنرها جمله غول راه بود  ** غیر چشمی کو ز شه آگاه بود 
  • On the day of audience the King was ashamed (to refuse the petition) of him whose gaze was (fixed) on the King's face at night. 2915
  • شاه را شرم از وی آمد روز بار  ** که به شب بر روی شه بودش نظار 
  • And the dog that is acquainted with the loving King—even him you must entitle “the Dog of the Cave.”
  • وان سگ آگاه از شاه وداد  ** خود سگ کهفش لقب باید نهاد 
  • Excellent, too, is the specialty (residing) in the ear; for he (who possesses it) by (hearing) the bark of a dog is made aware of the Lion.
  • خاصیت در گوش هم نیکو بود  ** کو به بانگ سگ ز شیر آگه شود 
  • When the dog is awake during the night, like a watchman, he is not ignorant of the nightly vigil of the (spiritual) kings.
  • سگ چو بیدارست شب چون پاسبان  ** بی‌خبر نبود ز شبخیز شهان 
  • Hark, you must not disdain them that have a bad name: you must set your mind on their inward parts (spiritual qualities).
  • هین ز بدنامان نباید ننگ داشت  ** هوش بر اسرارشان باید گماشت 
  • Whoever has once got a bad name must not seek (to win) a (good) name and (thereby) become half-baked. 2920
  • هر که او یک‌بار خود بدنام شد  ** خود نباید نام جست و خام شد 
  • Oh, many a (piece of) gold is made (like) black polished iron in order that it may be saved from pillage and calamity.
  • ای بسا زر که سیه‌تابش کنند  ** تا شود آمن ز تاراج و گزند 
  • Story of the sea-cow: how it brings up the royal pearl from the depths of the ocean and at night lays it on the seashore and feeds in the resplendence and lustre thereof; and how the trader comes forth from his hiding-place and, when the cow has gone some distance away from the pearl, covers the pearl with loam and black clay and runs off and climbs a tree; and so on to the end of the story and exposition.
  • قصه‌ی آنک گاو بحری گوهر کاویان از قعر دریا بر آورد شب بر ساحل دریا نهد در درخش و تاب آن می‌چرد بازرگان از کمین برون آید چون گاو از گوهر دورتر رفته باشد بازرگان به لجم و گل تیره گوهر را بپوشاند و بر درخت گریزد الی آخر القصه و التقریب 
  • The water-cow fetches a pearl out of the sea, lays it on the meadow, and grazes around it.
  • گاو آبی گوهر از بحر آورد  ** بنهد اندر مرج و گردش می‌چرد