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  • (’Twas) on this account (that) the dog came to the Companions (of the Cave): the (outward) forms are (like) the grains, while the heart (spirit) is (like) the ant.
  • زین سبب آمد سوی اصحاب کلب  ** هست صورتها حبوب و مور قلب 
  • Hence Jesus goes (ascends) to the holy ones of Heaven: the cages (bodies) were diverse, (but) the young birds (spirits) were of the same kind.
  • زان شود عیسی سوی پاکان چرخ  ** بد قفس‌ها مختلف یک جنس فرخ 
  • This cage is visible, but the young bird in it is hidden (from sight): how should the cage be moving without a cage-carrier? 2965
  • این قفس پیدا و آن فرخش نهان  ** بی‌قفس کش کی قفس باشد روان 
  • Oh, blessed is the eye that is ruled by reason, (the eye) that discerns the end and is wise and cool.
  • ای خنک چشمی که عقلستش امیر  ** عاقبت‌بین باشد و حبر و قریر 
  • Get (learn) the distinction between evil and good from reason, not from the eye that tells (only) of black and white.
  • فرق زشت و نغز از عقل آورید  ** نی ز چشمی کز سیه گفت و سپید 
  • The eye is beguiled by the verdure on dunghills, (but) reason says, “Put it to my touchstone.”
  • چشم غره شد به خضرای دمن  ** عقل گوید بر محک ماش زن 
  • The eye that sees (only) its (object of) desire is the bird's bane; reason, which sees the trap, is the bird's means of deliverance.
  • آفت مرغست چشم کام‌بین  ** مخلص مرغست عقل دام‌بین 
  • (But) there was another trap which reason did not perceive; hence the inspiration which beholds the unseen sped in this direction. 2970
  • دام دیگر بد که عقلش در نیافت  ** وحی غایب‌بین بدین سو زان شتافت 
  • By reason you can recognise congener and non-congener: you ought not to run at once to (outward) forms.
  • جنس و ناجنس از خرد دانی شناخت  ** سوی صورت‌ها نشاید زود تاخت 
  • My being your congener is not in respect of (outward) form: Jesus, in the form of man, was (really) homogeneous with the angels
  • نیست جنسیت به صورت لی و لک  ** عیسی آمد در بشر جنس ملک