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  • With the result that the promise seemed to Faraj more sure, and his illness vanished entirely and radically.
  • تا یقین‌تر شد فرج را آن سخن  ** علت از وی رفت کل از بیخ و بن 
  • Afterwards, on the wedding-night, he (the Khwája) artfully dyed (the hands and feet of) a youth with henna, like (those of) a woman.
  • بعد از آن اندر شب گردک به فن  ** امردی را بست حنی هم‌چو زن 
  • He decorated his fore-arms like (those of) a bride: then he displayed to him (Faraj) a hen, but (actually) he gave him a cock;
  • پر نگارش کرد ساعد چون عروس  ** پس نمودش ماکیان دادش خروس 
  • (For) he dressed the sturdy youth in the veil and robes of beautiful brides.
  • مقنعه و حله‌ی عروسان نکو  ** کنگ امرد را بپوشانید او 
  • Quo tempore mos est sponsam cum conjuge in thalamo relinquere, (paterfamilias) candelam statim exstinxit: manebat Indus coram tali adulescente robusto et aspero. [He (the Khwája) immediately extinguished the candle (at) the time of (conjugal) privacy: the Hindu was left (alone) with such a rough and strong-bodied (young) man.] 305
  • شمع را هنگام خلوت زود کشت  ** ماند هندو با چنان کنگ درشت 
  • Indulus clamorem et ululatum tollebat, (sed) tympanistarum causa nemo extra (thalamum) audiebat. [The little Hindú was screaming and crying out, (but) no one heard from without (the bedchamber) because of (the noise of) the tambourine-players.]
  • هندوک فریاد می‌کرد و فغان  ** از برون نشنید کس از دف‌زنان 
  • Tympana pulsata, manus complosae, virorum et feminarum clamores clamorem illius (pueri) clamitantis celabant. [The pounding of tambourines, (clapping of) hands, and the loud shouts of men and women masked the screams of that screamer.]
  • ضرب دف و کف و نعره‌ی مرد و زن  ** کرد پنهان نعره‌ی آن نعره‌زن 
  • (Adulescens) istum Indulum comprimebat usque ad diluculum: coram cane quid fiat sacco farinae?) [He (the youth) squeezed the little Hindú until the (break of) day: how is a bag of flour (to remain untorn) before a (hungry) dog?]
  • تا به روز آن هندوک را می‌فشارد  ** چون بود در پیش سگ انبان آرد 
  • At morning they brought the wash-basin and a big package (of clothes, etc.), and according to the custom of bridegrooms Faraj went to the bath.
  • زود آوردند طاس و بوغ زفت  ** رسم دامادان فرج حمام رفت 
  • He went to the bath, sorely troubled in soul, laceratus culum tanquam panni fornacatorum (bath-stokers). [He went to the bath, sorely troubled in soul, (his) anus torn like the rags of bath-stokers.] 310
  • رفت در حمام او رنجور جان  ** کون دریده هم‌چو دلق تونیان