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  • Hark, open a window towards Joseph and begin to delight yourself by looking at him through the aperture. 3095
  • هین دریچه سوی یوسف باز کن  ** وز شکافش فرجه‌ای آغاز کن 
  • The business of love is to make that window (in the heart), for the breast is illumined by the beauty of the Beloved.
  • عشق‌ورزی آن دریچه کردنست  ** کز جمال دوست سینه روشنست 
  • Therefore gaze incessantly on the face of the Beloved! This is in your power. Hearken, O father!
  • پس هماره روی معشوقه نگر  ** این به دست تست بشنو ای پدر 
  • Make a way for yourself into the innermost parts: banish the perception that is concerned with other (than God).
  • راه کن در اندرونها خویش را  ** دور کن ادراک غیراندیش را 
  • You possess an elixir: treat your (vile) skin (with it), and by means of this art (alchemy) make your enemies your friends.
  • کیمیا داری دوای پوست کن  ** دشمنان را زین صناعت دوست کن 
  • When you have become beauteous you will attain unto the Beauteous One who delivers the spirit from friendlessness. 3100
  • چون شدی زیبا بدان زیبا رسی  ** که رهاند روح را از بی‌کسی 
  • His moisture (grace) is nourishment for the garden of spirits; His breath revives him that has died of anguish.
  • پرورش مر باغ جانها را نمش  ** زنده کرده مرده‌ی غم را دمش 
  • He does not (only) bestow (on you) the entire kingdom of the base world; He bestows a hundred thousand kingdoms of diverse kinds.
  • نه همه ملک جهان دون دهد  ** صد هزاران ملک گوناگون دهد 
  • God gave him (Joseph), in addition to the kingdom of beauty, the kingdom of interpretation (of dreams) without his having studied and taken lessons (in that science).
  • بر سر ملک جمالش داد حق  ** ملکت تعبیر بی‌درس و سبق 
  • The kingdom of beauty led him to prison; the kingdom of knowledge led him to Saturn.
  • ملکت حسنش سوی زندان کشید  ** ملکت علمش سوی کیوان کشید