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  • Her (the World's) bait is visible, (but) her trap is hidden: at first (sight) her favours seem sweet to you.
  • آشکارا دانه پنهان دام او  ** خوش نماید ز اولت انعام او 
  • Explaining that this self-delusion was not (peculiar) to that Hindú alone; on the contrary, every human being is afflicted with a similar self-delusion at every stage (of the journey), except those whom God has preserved.
  • در بیان آنک این غرور تنها آن هندو را نبود بلک هر آدمیی به چنین غرور مبتلاست در هر مرحله‌ای الا من عصم الله 
  • Since you are attached to those (worldly goods), oh, beware! How often (afterwards) will you sob piteously in repentance!
  • چون بپیوستی بدان ای زینهار  ** چند نالی در ندامت زار زار 
  • The names “princehood,” “vizierate,” and “kingship” (are enticing, but) hidden beneath them is death and pain and giving up the ghost.
  • نام میری و وزیری و شهی  ** در نهانش مرگ و درد و جان‌دهی 
  • Be a slave (of God) and walk on the earth like a horse (under the rider), not like a bier which is carried on the necks (of the bearers).
  • بنده باش و بر زمین رو چون سمند  ** چون جنازه نه که بر گردن برند 
  • The ungrateful (worldly) man wishes all people to carry him: they bring him, like a dead rider, to the grave. 325
  • جمله را حمال خود خواهد کفور  ** چون سوار مرده آرندش به گور 
  • If you dream of any one (being carried) on a bier, he will become a high-stirruped rider of (will rise to high eminence in) office.
  • بر جنازه هر که را بینی به خواب  ** فارس منصب شود عالی رکاب 
  • Inasmuch as the coffin is a burden on the people (who carry it), these grandees have laid the burden (of their rank and riches) on (the necks of) the people (whom they oppress).
  • زانک آن تابوت بر خلقست بار  ** بار بر خلقان فکندند این کبار 
  • Do not lay your burden on any one, lay it on yourself: do not seek eminence, ’tis best to be poor.
  • بار خود بر کس منه بر خویش نه  ** سروری را کم طلب درویش به 
  • Do not be perpetually riding on the necks of people, lest gout attack your feet.
  • مرکب اعناق مردم را مپا  ** تا نیاید نقرست اندر دو پا 
  • The vehicle which you will curse in the end, saying, “Thou resemblest a (flourishing) city, but thou art (really) a ruined village”— 330
  • مرکبی را که آخرش تو ده دهی  ** که به شهری مانی و ویران‌دهی