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  • I will chastise you severely with affliction, in order that you may not again turn your head away from the Sun.”
  • مالشت بدهم به زجر از اکتیاب  ** تا نتابی سر دگر از آفتاب 
  • How Joseph the Siddíq (truthful witness)—the blessings of God be upon him!—was punished with imprisonment “for several years” because of his seeking help from another than God and saying (to him), “Mention me in thy lord's presence,” together with the exposition thereof.
  • ماخذه‌ی یوسف صدیق صلوات‌الله علیه به حبس بضع سنین به سبب یاری خواستن از غیر حق و گفتن اذکرنی عند ربک مع تقریره 
  • That is like Joseph's (asking help) of a (fellow-) prisoner, a needy abject groundling. 3400
  • آنچنان که یوسف از زندانیی  ** با نیازی خاضعی سعدانیی 
  • He besought him for help and said, “When you come out (of prison), your affairs will prosper with the king.
  • خواست یاری گفت چون بیرون روی  ** پیش شه گردد امورت مستوی 
  • Make mention of me before the throne of that mighty prince, that he may redeem (release) me also from this prison.”
  • یاد من کن پیش تخت آن عزیز  ** تا مرا هم وا خرد زین حبس نیز 
  • (But) how should a prisoner in captivity give release to another imprisoned man?
  • کی دهد زندانیی در اقتناص  ** مرد زندانی دیگر را خلاص 
  • All the people of this world are prisoners (waiting) in expectation of death in the abode that is passing away;
  • اهل دنیا جملگان زندانیند  ** انتظار مرگ دار فانیند 
  • Except, to be sure, in the rare case of one who is single (fardání), one whose body is in the prison (of this world) and his spirit like Saturn (in the seventh heaven). 3405
  • جز مگر نادر یکی فردانیی  ** تن بزندان جان او کیوانیی 
  • Therefore, in retribution for having regarded him (the fellow-prisoner) as a helper, Joseph was left in prison for several years.
  • پس جزای آنک دید او را معین  ** ماند یوسف حبس در بضع سنین 
  • The Devil erased from his mind the recollection of Joseph and removed from his memory those words (which Joseph had spoken).
  • یاد یوسف دیو از عقلش سترد  ** وز دلش دیو آن سخن از یاد برد 
  • In consequence of the sin which proceeded from that man of goodly qualities (Joseph), he was left in prison for several years by the (Divine) Judge,
  • زین گنه کامد از آن نیکوخصال  ** ماند در زندان ز داور چند سال