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  • Now, after we have been made prisoners and a prey, the hidden malady has become apparent.”
  • علت پنهان کنون شد آشکار  ** بعد از آنک بند گشتیم و شکار 
  • The shadow (protection) of the (spiritual) Guide is better than praising God (by one's self): a single (feeling of) contentment is better than a hundred viands and trays (of food).
  • سایه‌ی رهبر بهست از ذکر حق  ** یک قناعت به که صد لوت و طبق 
  • A seeing eye is better than three hundred (blind men's) staves: the eye knows (can distinguish) pearls from pebbles. 3785
  • چشم بینا بهتر از سیصد عصا  ** چشم بشناسد گهر را از حصا 
  • (Moved) by sorrows (pains of love) they began to make inquiry, saying, “Who in the world, we wonder, is she of whom this is the portrait?”
  • در تفحص آمدند از اندهان  ** صورت کی بود عجب این در جهان 
  • After much inquiry in (the course of their) travel, a Shaykh endowed with insight disclosed the mystery,
  • بعد بسیاری تفحص در مسیر  ** کشف کرد آن راز را شیخی بصیر 
  • Not (verbally) by way of the ear, but (silently) by inspiration (derived) from Reason: to him (all) mysteries were unveiled.
  • نه از طریق گوش بل از وحی هوش  ** رازها بد پیش او بی روی‌پوش 
  • He said, “This is the portrait of (her who is) an object of envy to the Pleiades: this is the picture of the Princess of China.
  • گفت نقش رشک پروینست این  ** صورت شه‌زاده‌ی چینست این 
  • She is hidden like the spirit and like the embryo: she is (kept) in a secret bower and palace. 3790
  • هم‌چو جان و چون جنین پنهانست او  ** در مکتم پرده و ایوانست او 
  • Neither man nor woman is admitted to her (presence): the King has concealed her on account of her fascinations.
  • سوی او نه مرد ره دارد نه زن  ** شاه پنهان کرد او را از فتن 
  • The King has a (great) jealousy for her (good) name, so that not even a bird flies above her roof.”
  • غیرتی دارد ملک بر نام او  ** که نپرد مرغ هم بر بام او